View Full Version : Where find Summon Card?

12-10-2010, 06:00 PM
I got summoning levels up and skillbook but I can't find Summon Card cos I want do for Beastmaster achievement 35G - Summon 50 monsters

Can help me?

Hey got achievement now, all have to when you have Summoning skillbook and pick any effect cards to join with Summon Card so then you have Summon so keep doing 50 times monsters to attacks any enemies, you not have do it on big group of enemies you can do it on 3 or less enemies who have medium or high levels just keep summon monsters on them and other way you not have attacks enemies just stand there without enemies and keeping summon monsters 50 times :D

If anyone can't find summoning skillbook or summon card, let me know I will then help out on it.