View Full Version : Operations Bonus Objectives

12-13-2010, 08:03 PM
I've completed the first operation with all bonus objectives, however I'm having some issues with the second. I have 7/8. The actual operation I don't have an issue with, I can beat it every time without breaking a sweat. The problem is that the last objective is for killing 30 planes. I destroy all of their transport planes, then I set up camp in their base, allowing them to keep their airfields. I even allow them to keep their supply depots, to make sure they have an income.

Usually they'll build other things, or they will build planes far too slowly for me to kill 30. I've killed 20, but never 30. What can I do? From my perspective, I'm doing everything right but they won't build enough planes!

Any advice is appreciated.

*So, I've been trying this for about 3 hours, no luck yet. I thought I had it once, but the planes were decoys! Bastards! I can literally take over their base in 5 minutes. If I leave their headquarters and supply depots in tact, they build armor bases. If I take them out, they build a plane once every 2-3 minutes. Towards the end, they do not build them for 4 minutes at a time. I'll keep trying and update this if I figure it out.

*SUCCESS!!! After another hour of trying, I finally got the last objective. Funny thing is, I didn't do anything drastically different to my other attempts. All I did was infantry rush up the middle, took his armor base and barracks, set up my AA guns (which didn't actually do too well). I then kept an eye on his headquarters, if he built something I would quickly capture it. The AI just went mental with planes for no apparent reason. I had 30 kills within 15 minutes.