View Full Version : any Kinect glitches/bugs?

12-14-2010, 04:16 AM
Is there any Kinect glitches or bugs right now? like it doesnt work smoothly or something. Usually new things that come out dont always work like they should. haha

I dont want to buy it if its not working 100% yet.

R3d Nemesis
12-14-2010, 01:02 PM
I think Kinect the hardware works really well, the problem ive had is a few of the games are very temperamental. all of the Microsoft game studios games work great. there is an issue with space you need a lot to play so if you have a small lounge you may not get the best experience.

Party in motion:- is virtually unplayable just dose not work very well at all

Deca sports island:- very similar seems to be very delayed and unresponsive at times

i would say these are the 2 worst however i think this is a developer issue not a glitch with the sensor because the Microsoft games seem to work much better.
The best for me are:-

Kinect Sports (not motion sports):- ive never had a problem with this game it works great.

Kinectimals:- very good game works very well, you get the odd glitch but nothing that would ruin it

Kinect adventures:- works very well good fun with friends i occasionally had to stand on the couch in 2 of the games i mentioned space issues earlier.

I would say overall it is a great bit of kit and generally works very well. it is worth getting and it will only get better as we get more content and updates.

Everything in this post is my personal experience and opinion and people have different taste and opinions but hope this helps you towards your decision.