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12-19-2010, 11:39 PM
I wanna give few points on how to deal with this hellish fight. Maybe it'll help someone who may someday come and search for some help, maybe it'll just take someone's time at reading this which at least can be a little break from annoying attempts against Frieza, maybe it'll just be useless, but I couldn't find anything on this subject. This is going to be long enough as to bore someone, but I'd rather read something boring and possibly useful than finding NOTHING.

First of all: it took me about half an hour to find a decent enough way of dealing with Frieza itself and end the fight "succesfully"; then it took me a lot of *hours* to find something which COULD lead to a Z rank. I have earnt no less than 7 S and 2 A ranks before finishing this shit on Z with the Z rank. I can't say it was easy, but it wasn't hard either: the hardest part, the way I did it, was not breaking my gameroom all the times he triggered the wrong/didn't trigger at all the drama pieces.
Second of all: I am no pro at these games, I kinda hate them and I wouldn't have purchased this game if I weren't a fan of the anime and manga Dragon Ball, and if I wasn't looking for another sick game to complete. My strategy is for cowards and newbies, but I couldn't find a single stupid video on youtube showing this fight, nor I could find on any forum anything like "tips" I needed indeed. Sure, after some hours who can't figure out the way to exit the fight?

Let's begin with a consideration: after few ridiculous fails you'll start noticing that the game is broken; against you, of course. What's important to understand is that Frieza in this fight (and probably all the other Z fights too; I'm yet to try any other than this) has two AI: one is his regular AI and is nothing to fear, it provides just almost the same difficulty it provided on Normal; the second one is the "special AI", your commands. I've attempted some tests against the CPU and I can absolutely assure you this game's CPU gets YOUR commands as ITS inputs aswell ;) To make a clear example, you know when you're trying the typical RT+Y attack and Frieza immediately uses his RT+B? That's it. Even with 0.00000001 seconds of delay, a normal reaction is "fair"; this game won't be fair, and the reaction to your RT+Y (or, more generically, ANY attack) is instant and sometimes even preceeds the moment you actually act. A proof of it is when you run away in the up/down direction and stop using LS: before Goku stops moving, Frieza has already loaded an attack.
Now what's important to know, besides the legit complain and anger because of an unfair gameplay (because it IS unfair; I wouldn't know how to call it otherwise, since it's just like playing against a kid using cheats to break the normal flood of the gameplay and do something, reacting, when it's not actually possible: no action, no reaction ;)), is that you have to limit the damage which this thing can do by avoiding anything which can lead to an unfair reaction.

What should you aim for
Oh well, to earn a Z you have two choices: either focus on dramas, or focus on all the other accomplishments. There are ways to fight and get almost every accomplishment, which can lead to a Z without drama pieces (I'm not 100% sure, but I do think to remember I got no-drama Zs on Normal), but you must forget of the win within 90 seconds because it will not come.

Pre-emptive attack: start the fight with a normal, quick and easy Kamehameha. LS+B, hit and release immediately. About half the times Frieza will take the hit straight in his face or block the first two waves and get the rest of them; either way, it's yours. If it's the other half of the odds, reload.
Ready Stance [Attack]: either with or without the attack is fine, so don't bother getting both. It's not an accomplishment easy to miss because of the gameplay being quite bad made and compelling to spam a lot of times the A button which, with an instinctive LS movement, leads to the easy waste of KI known as "ready stance". It *should* come by itself a lot of times, but be sure you get it, possibly as soon as possible
Dodge: same as Ready Stance, it fatigues a ton and you rarely can only dodge a single attack and fly away as a free bird, so you either stay there at the end of an hour-lasting combo spamming A over and over, or you get your dodge and then run away with something like a ready stance itself (chaining the two accomplishments), or use RT+B to *try* to push Frieza back
Land a pursuit attack: you MUST aim for this one to trigger one drama piece which will help quite much, likely. It's nothing particularry hard to achieve, just load an Y+LS_up attack to the max and hope Frieza doesn't hit you while you're loading such a move in front of him; it's a bit weird that he won't often attack you, letting you load the move with ease and calm, but it's probably a lack of the real AI of the game, the one you fear like you can fear a little needle. I'd personally go for this one quite early in the fight, so that if I just don't manage to hit him succesfully soon enough, I screw a just started fight and not maybe a fight after doing most of the work already
Land a vanishing attack: this little bastard costed me the Z twice. It's so simple to input the commands as it's simple to mess up. If you ask me, it's the second-to-hardest accomplishment, only because the 90 seconds one is impossible (or almost, on Z difficulty). Really, whenever you use this move which should be instand, Frieza will have countered already. If you try to see the animation of this move against an idle CPU in training mode you can clearly see that there's no time to counter if you (as Frieza) use a ready stance immediately after the vanishing attack has been launched -- but, as I already said, the inputs of your commands (in this case LB+X or any of the other inputs which trigger this attack) are also the inputs of the CPU, so you basically attack yourself wasting your precious KI. Because, it's worth mentioning, even if the CPU doesn't lose KI when it uses the vanishing attack in aura burst mode, you'll immediately start losing your KI after the first attempt of it, likely a fail. In short? Don't aim for this one, if it comes randomly it's ok, if it doesn't, fuck it
Land a super attack: just as it reads. I actually think it's enough a whatever non-charged KI attack (like the beginning Kamehameha), but whatever, load one LS_back+B attack to max after an Heavy Smash, Frieza can't dodge it (of course he can still use his RT+B after the heavy smash, but if he doesn't, you have always time enough to load a fully charged LS_back+B attack of Goku, either in Kaioken mode or not; possibly, NOT)
Land an Ultimate Attack: Spirit Bomb, of course. It's just stupid how the CPU will dodge its slowness, isn't it? There are two good openings for it though. First: when Frieza uses HIS ultimate attack: use LS_up/LS_down (hold it), keep the left stick held; as soon as the short cutscene of him throwing the energy ball at you starts, you can stop using LS: Goku will still be moving up/down, and the energy ball of Frieza will hit where Goku was (for one rare time the CPU doesn't change its input according to your inputs; actually, it can't, that's why it won't); don't immediately use LS_up+B to launch the spirit bomb, be first sure that Goku is completely standing: if you anticipate a fraction of second, he won't use the spirit bomb. If you time it right (it's easy, uh, just be sure you don't spam LS+B like crazy too early), he'll load his spirit bomb. Now, the window of time is really short, so if you mess the launch you can't try a second time; if you take too much time, he'll dodge or guard; if you are too much far (more than half-way as far as possible), the time the spirit bomb reaches him, and he'll be guarding already; still, there's an extremely high chance that you'll simply time it right and he'll get his face raped. Oh well, actually it's such an insult of damage (like less than 700) which isn't worth any celebration; but still...it goes without saying, don't even try thinking to load the spirit bomb: hit your input commands and stop inputting as soon as the animation of the spirit bomb hits. The other opening is if you're fast enough, and lucky enough, as to read he's started his loooong combo. If you can feel he's started it (you must be decently close to him for him to actually begin it), move LS_back+A once, hold LS back and when you feel you're far enough, trigger the spirit bomb. There's a very low chance he'll dodge, and it's only if you get so freaking unlucky as to throw the ball just when and where he's down because the combo has, in that instant, Frieza kicking while being on the knees, but that's a really rare event (happened only once to me, and I'm still trying to understand how it could really happen). There's on the contrary a decent chance you won't be far enough, and he'll get you: well, you'll be in the middle of his combo with 0 KI and you just wasted a chance to take out about 70% of an health bar of his, so try not to. Know his combo (you will, eventually, anyway), remember that there are a couple of parts of it when he moves forward A LOT, so keep the right distance (maybe have some test runs to trigger his combo and try to run away and learn the "right" distance). It's a very doable and reliable attack; I could hit two perfects, the two A, with this attack alone over and over, waiting for a drama piece to trigger to increase the A to S and then to Z...waiting forever...
Win in 90 seconds: forget this one

12-19-2010, 11:40 PM
All right, this is it. Regarding the drama pieces, I advice to trigger the one that has him boosting his attack (it's the only effect) after you use the pursuit attack, when he has about two health of bars left (I think "time runds out" means 90 seconds must have been passed, like some other people have already stated; before you take him so down, the 90 seconds should have usually begone). The audio sounds "It hurts...IT HUUUUURTS!", don't ask me the name of the drama piece because I'm just confused by them and the translation of the game makes them terrible to find. It doesn't come natural, by itself, so of course it's a drama piece you have to try to trigger. Second drama piece: the fucker which reloads his KI completely, boosts his attack, makes him more aggressive and reads like it makes him more aggressive, if it's possible to be more berserker than how he actually is already. Anyway, this second drama piece will trigger very commonly by its own, in the worst moments possible. I call it "the fucker" because it fucks you like 80% of the times; to death, of course. Reloading his KI is of course all but random, and he will trigger this one almost everytime you're in the middle of the fight and he's running out of his KI while he's in aura burst mode, basically doubling the aura burst. Sometimes you're lucky and he triggers it, rather often, after he has just used an ultimate attack. Or sometimes you're just as lucky and he'll use that very KI he just got to perform an ultimate attack. Or both, or whatever, but it's still a fucker most of the times if you don't keep an eye at it; I'll mention it later, but that makes 2 dramas so far, and that's already enough, hopefully. There are 3 more dramas, two by Frieza and one by you. Frieza's other two dramas are the one which enhances his defense and lowers his attack, which can be good, and from my experience can only be triggered in the early fight moments; it's the one when he "offers" to fight with only one hand. The other one is the third and last "fist-icon-drama-piece-of-shit", and he'll tell you it was a limited time offer, reverting the previous drama piece...almost. Yes, almost, because he gets back the attack he had lost, but he won't lower his defense ^_^ Your drama piece is a curse lol It triggers when you're at the last health bar in Kaioken and Frieza has more health than you. If it triggers, you'll load back your KI muuuuuuuuch slower, and you were already slow when Frieza didn't have any boost and you didn't have this curse; by that point, Frieza has probably triggered one of those which give him the fast KI recovery, so he can reload his KI at least about 5 times faster than you. Plus, it fatigues you a bit too, and of course if you trigger the Kaioken at the end (adviceable choice, since Goku's LS_back+B attack is better in his normal form) it'll immediately trigger the drama piece aswell resulting you with 0 KI, an incredibly slow reload and at most a health bar of health. It's a desperate drama piece to trigger; if you know you won't manage to get the Z without it, try this hopeless move, else avoid it like black death, and to prevent its accidental trigger, just don't you ever enter Kaioken move.

If you want to grab Frieza, don't use the shortcut RB: use A+X and save your butt from an accidental Kaioken trigger (in case you have all the KI, RB is the transformation command too).

Some random hints now.

Frieza triggers his aura burst quite rarely if he's not fatigued. At 60% of his fatigue, there are some decent chances; at 85+%, it's GUARANTEED. This means you'll raaaaaaaarely fatigue him to stun him, but it's also somehow a good thing, since it allows you to know in advance when he'll be triggering his aura burst. Sure there's still the random factor, he can trigger it at 0 fatigue too, but it's a very remote chance. What you absolutely don't want is letting him fatigue (yes, I'm saying DON'T fatigue him too much), at least not when you're not ready with your KI for YOUR aura burst, which has to be spent in a continuous RT block.

Don't go in aura burst mode just randomly: check the situation. If he's already on his way to fatigue too much, don't; try to fatigue him enough so he triggers it, then immediately trigger yours, then hold the ultrablock all the time. He can still grab you to deal some damage (like 450 if he has all the attack boosts already), but it's still safe enough.

NEVER try to attack him when he's in aura burst. He can't be hit, it's a rule. Whatever move you do, it won't work. RT+B should cover everything, but he's immune to it most of the times (yes, immune; very fair: your only defense leads you to a useless waste of KI). If you try to counter him, he has a counter-counter ready. If you try to do something like hitting him when he shouldn't have the chance of moving (like right after he performs an heavy smash: he shouldn't be able to move), he manages to move (something YOU can't do). If he throws an energy attack at you and you try to ready stance, he'll do the same and hit you. ANYTHING you do leads to a counter, so just don't try, not even when you thing you're extremely safe. There's NO safe opening when he's in aura burst. Not a single second. There are random moments which can sometimes lead to you dealing damage to him, but they're random and just random. You could even ultrablock his combo, try to RT+B, and he teleports on your back, DOESN'T GET THE HIT, continues the combo and destroys one health bar of yours. Isn't it better to just sit there and hope for as few grabs as possible? They deal about 250 points of damage when he's not completely buffed, so it's rather ok. Better than anything else. Never be the hero.

If you can, and you should definitely try to, have him trigger his KI-reloading drama piece when you can control the situation. The best way to take this drama piece out is waiting the way I'll say below until he uses an ultimate attack: eventually, with a good chance of it happening, he'll trigger that drama piece right after. Once it's out of his arsenal, you can be a little less fucked up, since at least if you keep your KI ready to aura burst when he will, you know you can defend all the time without having to suffer another, likely deadly, aura burst of his just when a mere pixel of his aura burst mode was left.

Try to trigger the pursuit-attack-drama-piece as last as possible.

The Ultimate Move finisher is really hard to get; IMHO the best way of doing it is when Frieza is not fatigued and so won't, almost ever, go aura burst. If you can get this situation down, try to have a decent opening on him: either come close to him and spam an XXXX combo while smashing LT like a possessed guy, or (like I prefer), wait his long combo, sneak away and use a quick kamehameha smashing LT: with a bit of luck you'll get him. Now, many people pointed out you don't have to win the match with this move as finisher, you only have to use it, *but* I think it's worth saying I didn't get this accomplishment highlighted when I triggered it not to Frieza's death. I got it, though, when I triggered it, finished the fight with another move (so their theory seems correct, but not complete), but I had won the button smashing minigame. In short: I think it counts only if you manage to beat the CPU at the button smashing minigame. I got the 3/3 bars against him when I got the accomplishment, while when I didn't get the accomplishment I couldn't even win a single bar over him. Maybe winning 2 of the 3 bars is enough, but whatever...

It's not really possible to win the button smashing minigame. Few can smash buttons as fast as I do, but I can't keep up with Frieza on Z difficulty. Oh there's a very simple explanation: you can't beat him at the minigame if he's not high enough on fatigue. What you have to do, in order to win it, is trying to trigger the ultimate move when he's at about 3/4th of his fatigue, so he won't probably enter his aura burst mode and you will probably manage to keep up with him. If you manage to get this accomplishment, congrats. Most of the times it's rather the opposite: you trying to defend yourself to win at least one little of those 3 bars, but you smash buttons over and over and you see the red part of the bar dieing...my advice is just not trying if after a second of button smashing you notice you're not earning anything over him.

Frieza can counter your heavy smash with his RT+B attack. After his attack boosts (but actually also at the beginning of the fight before he triggers the attack-lowering-drama-piece, if he does at all), it means that he deals a lot more damage than you. He loves to use it when you're low on health, so you're like "gotcha!" and then you read a ridiculous 200pts damage dealt by you and 380pts of his counter. Avoid this move later on in the fight, it's way too dangerous.

Remember of RT+LS_back/forward+B "instant" attacks. The CPU reads them much worse. In the same situation, a KI attack fully loaded with the RT shortcut (it consumes a bit of KI, by the way) has a much higher chance of not being dodged than a fully loaded attack done with a longer loading of LS and B alone. I've had a quite good time with kamehamehas loaded with RT while Frieza was comboing and I was far from him; many times he didn't ready stanced me right after the kamehameha.

When moving, always use LS and never the D-pad; LS equals to the double D-pad movement (the quicker), unless you don't move the left stick completely, in which case Goku will move slowly.

12-19-2010, 11:40 PM
If you enter aura burst and ultrablock, it'll heal your fatigue a lot. If you have a chance (i.e.: if you don't need to have an aura burst mode soon because you see he isn't fatigued and he won't trigger his own), try to heal your fatigue and use the rest of the aura burst to deal some attack, but only if you feel safe enough.


Lastly, how you actually fight. With all this said, "my" way of fighting is rather simple, time consuming and yet relatively effective. As I said, start with the kamehameha: if it lands, you're fine. Then immediately run towards Frieza; you should be on him as soon as he's getting up; use an LS_back/forwards+A to slide, then attempt an XXXX combo just for some extra KI which you'll need soon. Soon is right after: gain and keep the distance and start moving with LS_back/forward. Goku will start making circles around Frieza, and Frieza can do three things. First: he stays idle and does nothing, allowing you to refill your KI completely; sure, he reloads his KI too, but believe me, he'll have it full more times than empty. Second: he throws KI attacks at you, which you'll always dodge. Third: he comes towards you, eventually reaches you, and when he's close he'll be guarding, attacking every so often, sometimes using a KI attack of his thus allowing you an opening for an LS_back+B attack (quick, don't load) or, if you feel risky, an heavy smash, a pray for him not to counter with RT+B, and then your LS_back+B (fully loaded, this time, since he's stunned long enough as to allow you to load, without even using RT). Fourth chance, actually, a mix of them all. Note that when he decides to stay idle (the least common of the three behaviours), he will stay like that forever, so it's an extremely useful way of reloading your KI just safely, just as it's extremely useful if he's in aura burst mode and you can destroy his KI gauge just wasting time and waiting the KI to be wasted aswell; of course though you have no control over what he'll do. But well, in case he just won't act after like 5 seconds and you want him to do something else (coming close to you so you can attempt a counter), stop moving LS and restart immediately to exit the loop.
Once this is done, and you have full KI, go immediately attempting the ready stance and dodge accomplishment. Then gain and keep the distance again and start making circles; if you're decently lucky, he'll spam his KI attacks while reloading his KI more than he consumes, so he'll eventually be at full KI and, eventually, he'll use his ultimate attack. It'll be sooner than you may imagine, so be ready to do what I wrote about it above to counter with your own spirit bomb. If you're out of full KI, ouch, well, use a good RT+LS_forward+B attack (an instantly charged kamehameha) and with a bit of decent luck you won't get countered, or at least you'll deal more damage than his ready stance counter.
Ok then, after this you'll want to continue the circles over and over, triggering your aura burst when you're fatigued at about 30+% (he can fatigue you to death in no time, and the camera is just a fucking dumb camera which will make you trigger a ton of ready stances by mistake when it turns the left-right and you need to escape from a combo), and guarding all the time until he decides to use his long combo on you: if he does that, at the end of it you have a good chance to use the RT+LS_back+B attack, which will deal a nice damage. This is, of course, if he's not in aura burst; if he is, pray and guard all the time. When he's not in aura burst he also grabs you less while you're ultrablocking, so it's a rather safe approach.
Abuse of the circles as much as you can, and after you kill some thousand of hi points, try to trigger his KI-reloader drama piece (basically wait in circle for him to use an ultimate attack, and hopefully he'll trigger the drama piece right after). While abusing of this system, which isn't always safe of course because he can still hit you sometimes if he comes too close, sometimes you'll have him start a combo right next to you: if this happens, dodge away with LS_back+A, slide away with LS_backward, check your space quickly and decide whether to use a quickly loaded kamehameha or a spirit bomb (quickly loaded aswell of course).
The end of the fight is the hardest and most lucky-based too. Really, all you can do is attempting this over and over again, trying to trigger his use of aura burst mode by fatiguing him to about 85% when you're ready to enter aura burst mode too, until about the end of the fight. When he's close to death (3 or less health bars), attempt the pursuit attack accomplishment, if you didn't already sometimes when he reached you while you were circling the arena, so he triggers that drama piece too. Hope it's not too early, because the earlier you trigger it, the longer you'll be against him with a much higher attack, and you get screwed very quickly; triggering this drama piece at less than 2 health bars of his, rather than 3, is at least adviceable. Not always easy to do, though, of course, since they're still quite random.
When you feel ready, which doesn't have to be earlier than less than 1.5 health bars of his, the big ending: you want to have him fatigued at about 70% (risky situation) and wait his ultimate move attack so he has 0 KI for a bit. Then you enter your aura burst mode, wait an opening for his long combo while being far from him (so, go close enough as to have him start the combo, then run away as usual: LS_back+A and then LS escape), then use your kamehameha with a freaking spam of LT and hope it'll trigger the ultimate move: if it does, you'll have to smash the buttons and you have good chances to win it. If you're lucky enough, you'll win AND you'll also have the luck of kicking Frieza three more times increasing his fatigue A LOT. So much that it'll be enough to fatigue him at 100%. You'll be there with your aura burst, an idle Frieza and he'll be at about 70% of health bar before dieing...load an RT+LS_backward+B to max and BANG, kill him. Don't try the kamehameha of course, since he just ready stances you after the first hits for an epic fail -.-

Luck is a huge part of this strategy, but that's what I could find working for me. It got more boring and repetitive than frustrating (still, it was just making me screaming for real). I don't think there are really very effective strategies to beat him...this one is cheap and usually works enough as to kill him most of the times, but the hardest comes when you have to trigger those two little bastard drama pieces, which help for the ranking but can lead to a death in the fight.

The part when to trigger the kaioken, if you want to, is at the end, about before the big ending. The earlier you trigger it, the worse, since the earlier you'll trigger kaioken 20x which is extremely dangerous with this strategy based almost entirely on KI loading.

02-04-2011, 03:41 PM
Sitting down and reading this was a blast. Thank you so much. I wish my thank you could be 3 pages like your post.

06-10-2011, 06:09 PM
After struggling since 3 days in this gay fight (seriously). I read this awesome guide and I beat Frieza on my first try. You are absolutely amazing man!

Well, that was the only hard fight I left, the rest will be all easy, since I have completed all Broly/Bardack and last Gohan vs Cell fights :D

08-16-2011, 08:09 AM
I finally managed to kick Frieza's ass yesterday. But no Z for me, I barely got a B... It took me a while to win, I ended up using -> + Y the whole time and didn't let Frieza get near me... I don't know, but Zs are really difficult to me. I only managed to get them all in the Saiyan saga...

I'll have to read this guide more carefully.

Au Asterix
08-18-2012, 12:57 PM
nice guide. this fight makes me want to smash my controller so much. i will try this method out and hopefully it works. :beer:

Panzer Russell
08-23-2014, 04:22 AM
Fantastic strategy! It really saved me here. I was stuck on this guy for 3 days! On the fourth win I got a Z. By far the fight of the 54.