View Full Version : need help with specific things, guidance please

06-07-2007, 08:11 PM
alright well there are a few things i need to complete the game. i need the locations of several items including power bricks and minikits....

Ep. 4, ch. 6 (rebel attack) - power brick
Ep. 5, ch. 3 (falcon flight) - power brick
Ep. 6, ch. 2 (pit of carkoon) - power brick, true jedi (story), (free play), 2 minikits
Ep. 6, ch. 4 (battle of endor) - power brick, 8 minikits, true jedi (freeplay)
Ep. 6, ch. 6 (into the death star) - 1 minikit (its really bugging me, it shows up on my minikit detector right near a torpedo ammo thing but its not there):locked
Ep. 6, bonus - superstory

i can handle the true jedi things, i just need help with the other stuff, any help would be apreciated. if you want to know what i have and dont have, i dont have any multipliers yet, saving up for the 12,000,000 one, at about 6,000,000 studs. my xbox live gamertag is R.I. agent 97, but i wont be online until the end of the month, sorry.

06-08-2007, 01:18 AM
Check out IGN's walkthru, its free (you dont need an insider acct) and has locations of all powerbricks/mini kits