View Full Version : Achievements glitched on me

12-21-2010, 08:01 AM
I played a pro game, scored a penalty shot, scored a 3-on-5 shot (me being the 3) and played with a created team, created skater and created goalie. I used 4 controllers, 3 on one team, my account by itself. And after an hour and the game finished, no achievements unlocked. Now I have to try again, so another hour and does anyone have any clue how difficult it is to get penalty shots with only 1 human controlling all 4 controllers? I just wish they unlocked, but I know I can get them I just don't know why no achievements unlocked in the Play Now game that I did. I figured at least the Create achievements should of unlocked if I possibly put it on the wrong difficulty. Let me know your thoughts as to why so that I can make any corrections if needed.

Achievements: Penalty Shot Hero, Penalty Kill Special, Created Team, Created Skater, Created Goalie.

EDIT: I just got the same above achievements completed again, I am waiting for the game to end to see if the unlock. If they do not then I need to know what is supposed to be at default other than it being on Pro mode. Which I triple checked to make sure it is.

Game ended, 0 achievements unlocked. What am I doing wrong? Or can you only unlock 1 achievement per game and if there is more than 1 you get nothing? Something is wrong and I am getting frustrated with the Penalty Shot Hero. I will do another game with only the created stuff to see if it gives me those or not.

UPDATE: For those that do not already know, I found out from experience that you cannot unlock more than 3 achievements per game, earning more than 3 will result in 0 unlocked.