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12-24-2010, 04:56 AM
Hey guys, long time no visit! Went to Xbox.com today to see what was up and saw the Kinect Spports Party Bundle for free, went to get the download and noiticed Kinect Sports is also a free download.

Wait? The game?

Downloading now so I can't verify 100%.

Can anyone else get the game for free? Used this link - http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Kinect-Sports/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8024d5308c9?nosplash=1

http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/3834/kinectsportsfree.th.jpg (http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/3834/kinectsportsfree.jpg)

PS - While the image shows "Already Purchased", it was a free download.

EDIT: Noticed when clicking "Demo" on the left side of the page it links to the same download. Sorry for getting your hopes up guys :p

12-24-2010, 05:05 AM
Sick!!!!! I'm totally DL it, I don't have kinect but oh well I may get it in the future.

Thanks for the heads up!

EDIT: it's a demo I believe... haha oh well

12-24-2010, 05:08 AM
Wow... I Just Saw This. And I Just Bought The Game... If This Is Really The Game For Free Im Gonna Take The Game To The Store...

12-25-2010, 01:19 AM
I believe when it shows a half controller like that, it means it is a demo. The full games have a full controller icon and usually the full releases aren't available until long after the retail release date. I could be wrong, but that is my assumption.