View Full Version : Watch this guy's videos for this game to get better

12-26-2010, 11:33 AM
So I decided to try and work on Joust a bit. I like this game, but good christ these achievements are ridiculous. And this version of the game is far more difficult than any I had before, which has been throwing me off.

Anyway, this guy added some videos of himself getting to wave 100 on default settings. I used his strategy and got to wave 10, and then got high score the next night. My last session, I got to wave 19 - easily my best so far. Every game, I get a little better as I slowly learn this strategy. It's looking more and more like completing this game might actually happen someday for me.

This is his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JousteryWilliams#p/u/1/Qzq4EWi9TZI

His strategy is really simple, but still take a bit of practice to get down to a science, and it isn't perfect. You'll still die, but you'll also likely be pulling in extra lives consistently enough for that not to matter so much.

Take specific note of how he (easily) deals with the Pteradactyls - Wave 8 was why I didn't have the Wave 10 achievement before now, and I kinda feel like an idiot having seen how easy the thing is to kill here.

So, enjoy. Hopefully this helps you all as much as it helped me so far.