View Full Version : Explorer achievement "glitch" possible reason

12-30-2010, 08:49 AM
Sorry I started a new thread but all the other ones are full anyways, I think we have this kinda mixed up and I thought up of a possible reason for the achievement being "glitched." I have driven 2000 miles and no achievement so I erased everything started a new file and I am now at 950miles, but this is what I did, I stuck with the first car I found and I've been racking up miles with just that one car, so I have 950 miles in my stats, but I did die once so I checked my garage and my car is at 900 miles.. so what Im thinking is that if you die while driving those miles do not count so what im guesing is that now I will have to drive 50 extra miles, since the achievement does say drive a total of 1000 miles in VEHICLES not drive 1000 miles in general, does this make any sense? I will confirm this later on

12-30-2010, 07:24 PM
Ok so ummm I can't confirm this :/ as today I finally unlocked the achievement at 1000 miles... I dont know why it was glitched for me the first 2000 miles but good luck for everyone who is trying to get this achievement as it was a very very pain in the ass!