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Harrison Drake
12-30-2010, 02:30 PM
I've trained for thirty-five days now... no achievement popping. I've also trained 30 days in a row this month alone wondering if for some reason it would require the 30 days to be in one month... no pop.

Anyone else experience this yet or has anyone unlocked this achievement? The dates and times are so screwed up in this game... it will be 5pm on the 5th for example and it's still flashing the 4th saying I've already trained for the day when I clearly haven't.

01-03-2011, 12:33 AM
Yep ... Having the same issues..Game was not even registering on my Xbox live account as having been played, so now I play the game each day..& check that it registers as having been played..So hopefully this will clear up the glitch..

big red marino
01-08-2011, 01:06 AM
So here is what happened to me. After 27 consecutive days I missed a day. Pissed about this, I would play out my Brain Age and Training and then set the date ahead on my ohone (On my HTC HD7 I can go into settings and turn off the AUTOMATIC on my date). Anyway, I did this for about 20 days until my FRONTAL and TEMPORAL unlocked. I then progressed another 5 days and my PARIETAL did not unlock, but my MINDBLOWING did. FUCK! So another glitch. Then I progressed some more until I was at 37 days - no achievement for 30 consecutive days. At this point my phone was set around January 17th or something...Since the date on my phone is incorrect I could not sign into XBOX live. However, once changed the date back and signed in the achievements would not register to my account...probably because of the future dates. Since then I have removed the game from my phone. My plan is to reload it and set the date back a few months...In hopes that I can unlock these in one sitting - prior to todays date.

Something to also keep in mind. When I was going for 7 consec days...it did not unlock until I beat my high score. So I will probably just do shitty in all my training as you still get the same amount of points for your lobes. Then when I pass 30 days I will start to crush my times.

p.s. Atlas I am jealous of you ass because you got Forever Young. I will get like 23 years old for two days and then end up with 28 or something.

01-08-2011, 08:50 PM
I played the game on january the 2nd at 5pm and the next day (january the 3rd) at 5pm it said that it is already january the 4th. What is wrong with that game? Happened 2 times to me for no reason.

01-14-2011, 08:16 PM
I have done the training twice today (Friday) so far the 1st time registered the day as Sunday and the second go as Saturday, there seems to be no logic to the day it thinks it is

03-02-2011, 01:51 PM
I just unlocked the achievement this morning. I set an alarm to remind me to play it every day around the same time (between 7:45am and 8:15am EST). Each day I played always counted as the following day (as you all described) but it ultimately kept track properly. My only advice is to follow suit and just play at roughly the same time everyday since the temporal rules of the game are screwed.

However, I have hit a new snag. I unlocked both "Frontman" and "Scrupulous" in the last two days but they are not registering with my gamerscore. In fact, Xbox.com is showing that the last time I played the game was February 25th, which is obviously not true. I know I had an issue recently with payment for a game I bought subsequent to getting this one but could that really have affected this? Perhaps my phone isn't syncing with XBL right now in general.

EDIT: I restarted my phone and everything registered. Hoorah!

03-06-2011, 04:33 AM
I have had most of the same issues with this game. If you check my gamercard & unlocked achievements you will see why. Besides you should not have to play at the same time every day, I mean a daily test should be at any time within a 24 hour period & this is very poor form from the developers. Basically this game is a buggy mess & there should be an obligation for the developers to patch it so it works. You don't by a Laptop with the screen missing, so why should they be allowed to release a game with half the features missing. Microsoft should pressure the developer to fix this game. Ah now that feels better now I have gotten that off of my chest.

08-12-2011, 07:15 AM
I'm pissed. I just hit the search button by accident and now brain training is locked, saying I already played, but I did not. Now I have to start over to have 30 days in a row :mad: