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01-05-2011, 07:52 PM
Okay, I like most people who are playing this game most likey picked it up when it was 160msp. I have yet to finish the campaign but I am starting to get more of a feel for it and am completing most levels first time even as the difficulty of AI increases. So I just thought it would be useful to share my hints and tips on how I am getting through the levels with those who are struggling.

You need to plan the use of harvesters, although you may need the money having more land that is not under threat from falling away is much more important. Once you have a reasonable amount of land start using the harvesters, if they are going to be mainly used for money place them at the edges of the playing map. I often like to use the harvesters to try and separate the enemy from me (and themselves) whilst taking a few units and enemy tiles out if you're lucky.

Several Armouries spaced out help to keep your supplies of units high, and with them spaced out you wont loose all at the same time. When taking new land take 8 units so that you can then replenish the 8 from the tile they have been taken from with the armoury. KEEP BUILDING UNITS THROUGHOUT

Do not rush to attack the enemy you will be left with too few units and will not help you in anyway. You are more likely to win by taking more land. The enemies often take themselves with harvesters. So whilst your building your army and amount of land, the enemy is often taking themselves out and destroying their land.

Often the enemy will seperate themselves completley from the rest of the map. Make sure you have plenty of units just incase they fly across to you. I always start by building a cannon that covers most enemy tiles (dont worry about your own) and if one does not try to build another that does.. It is useful to look how many hits it will be before their land goes down (the amount of dots when you scroll over the tile) if its only a few before it will go down build as many shells as possible and then try to take their land out. If it is 3 or more hits before the tile just build 1 or two shells, always keeping one as a safety measure. If they build a carrier i always find it best to fire a shell at their tile with the highest number of units as this will often stop the attack, and if it does not you should by now have plenty of units to take back from they take from you.

After this step you should of won or be very closing to beating the AI. Once you have got most land covered with cannons start to consider building carriers. Remember units on your land is very important, especially if you are sending units to attack. When taking enemy islands and land only send the required amount to take it, no more than that as 90% of the time the enemy will retake the land. The point of this is so that you can build a harvester that will start destroying their land even if they take it back. When the land has been reduced to 1 or 2 hits till destruction hit them hard with some shells to destroy these bits of land. Keep repeating the carrier/harvester/ cannon until you have completley destroyed the enemy and then hopefully won the game.

Hope this little hints and tip guide is useful to people who are struggling, Im happy to answer any questions on here, or at my gamertag: G bast G bast.

If anyone is intrested in doing some boosting to get some of the online titles and/or to just have an online game, hit me up with a friend request at G bast G bast with a Message so I know its not just a random add.

Happy hunting, GeoKazDav

01-19-2011, 12:43 AM
thank you good sir I cant even beat the first campaign mission so hopefully this will work out well for me