View Full Version : Weapon Duping Post Patch!

01-09-2011, 10:46 PM
I'm sorry if there is a topic on this already. i tried looking and searching and the search overloaded or something.

Ok, if u have been on live in the last couple months w this game and downloaded the update all is not lost. You can still dupe weapons to trade and work on the 50 legundary weapons achievement! I take no credit for this cause i found this method on the web, but it is a totally genius manipulation of the games mechanics. Also i have used this website so much, i wanted a chance to give something back and help others here.

Here is the link

You don't have to use that quest, u just need a quest that if you try to leave the zone it tells you that you will revert to a previous save if you leave. You can create a crap account on another profile and do this quick. I waited until i had to disguise myself as a bandit and attack the bandit camp.

01-09-2011, 10:53 PM
oh, also how the explain the augment glitch is confusing. I found out on my own what it is.
With duping weapons like this, if the profile you give the weapons too has never had that weapon, whatever augmentations are activitated on it that person will keep. If you give a weapon to a person and they finish the augmentations and give it back to you you will not have the augmentations! It will save with whatever augmentations you had for the weapon when u gave it away.
I personally am trying to fill the augmentations and then i am going to make a new crap account and give the weapons to them so they will keep all the augmentations and then start duping.