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01-14-2011, 11:11 PM
Were in the inner city is Aeris so i can deliver the message i got from the skeleton? (sorry not a cheevo question)

Were in the Arsenal catacombs is the skeleton trainer so i can learn the 3rd twilight skill? i cant find him anywere!! Iv hardly got any of the twilight skills for some reason..

Thx in advance :)

01-14-2011, 11:35 PM
If you mean you need to learn the Whisper skill, remember the first skill in each of the mental skills tree is learnt when visiting a statue and Benidict giving you it, you don't learn that skill until you've got to the Arsenal. The trainer in the Arsenel Catacombs is a Ghost, as you go in you can only go one way and you'll come to a wooden crossover with a Pink ghosty thing (sorry cant remember what they're called!) if you look to the right you'll see a room with no door, in that room are 2 Grippers and a Skeleton, he is the trainer :)

Map Here ...

01-14-2011, 11:40 PM
I'll add this to as it might help you work out if you've missed anything, it's a wlkthrough with the main parts you need to do, mainly spoiler free, helped me out :)


01-14-2011, 11:45 PM
Appreciate it Three15 cheers for the help :)