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01-19-2011, 02:01 PM
I've played Madden 2008, 2009, and 2010, and loved it. I recently got into Fifa, so I didn't pick up 2011 until a few days ago, due to the nostalgia from the Playoffs, excited to pick up my old fun things to play with, but what I found was disappointing. So in this rage post to make myself feel better, I'm going to list why I'm saddened by this game.

Superstar Mode:
Wtf Madden. This is supposed to make me feel like a superstar, not just "Congradulations, you're playing one person." There's more to being a superstar then what happens during games, and you had it in 2010. Why not here? You took away a lot of small things that, while small, combined to make it far more realistic than what you have here. You took away my ability to choose my agent based on my reputation. You took away the background scenery during menus that made me feel good when I upgraded from a shitty apartment to a cool mansion when I got better and you put in menus. You took away all the pre-draft training games, and all the cool interviews where you talk about yourself. You kept the IQ test though, congrats. And the Draft? "Congradulations you're on this team". No presentation, no nice show, just a message. What the hell is your practice mode? Keep doing plays till you get bored and quit? At least in 2010 you had points to go for. Speaking of things to go for, where did my yearly awards go? Don't even get me started on how your player progresses in building his stats up, It's shit. You took away the nice Emails that told me things, or had the coach saying "Nice job." You kept the thing that says I'm "overeager" but that's worthless now. You've turned Superstar mode into Robot mode. Lame. I swear if I have to hear that pre-game warmup of them chanting one more time I'm going to kill myself. Every team, chants the exact same thing, the exact same way, before every game.

Fuck you Madden. You took away the newspaper where I could read how awesome I was last game. You took away my favorite thing of creating a ton of players and throwing them into the free agency then watching all the different teams get them. Now I have to manually put them on teams? Lame. No cool radio announcers either? You had to slaughter this mode too and make my "Franchise mode" feel nothing like I'm part of an actual franchise. You kept the off season things which I liked, but without the newspaper, it felt a lot more lame, and it didn't feel at all like what I was doing mattered publically.

The Gameplay:
The computer will never be able to predict when I need a certain function, like, I don't know, SPRINT. You took away the sprint button and told me the computer was going to handle it, and I had to dig through menus to get it back. I like being able to control when I want to use something, thx. Is it just me, or does the gameplay cinematics feel the same all the time now. The assistant coach in my ear is kinda cool, except when he says "We get to take a breather if you make a stop" when everyone knows they're going for it. I'd rather have him though then the announcers. These guys did their voices in 10 minutes. There's so little commentating diversity, though it's always been like that. Speaking of which, you have my money. I bought the game. STOP GIVING ME ADVERTISEMENTS IN THE MIDDLE OF MY GAME. Other games can get away with it because they're on a billboard and it's funny. Gatorade, Old Spice, Virgin Gaming, Verizon. Was this game THAT expensive to make you had to sell adspace? The commentator saying "Smell like a man, man" is funny ONE TIME ONLY and then it becomes nails on a chalkboard. Finally, when I say DISABLE TIPS I mean for all games. Not for every other play.

Everything else:
I bought the game. Why does it seem like you want more and more money? You conveniently remind me I have 0 EA sports coins and that I can purchase some more if I'd like. Even Superstar mode said "Hey, you can have the full maximization if you buy it!" You add "boost stats" to the end of my franchise games to buy those too. Where's my button customization if I want X to be spin move and B to be stiff arm instead? Character Customization is a piece of shit. If you can get the player to stop dancing long enough to check out the features, you notice you get a certain face with a certain preset haircut period. Why? Because FUCK YOU that's why.

The good stuff!:
The Extra Point was really cool. I liked it. It DOES NOT REPLACE the newspaper or other outside the game recaps though. Should have been included and built on. But otherwise, it was kinda cool. Online Team play was a lot better than I thought it would be, and a great start for it, but it needs improvements. Allow more players than 3 on 3. Allow online Superstar mode where I can have a virtual pro that I build on. FIFA does this really well with accomplishments, look at that and let me build a player to use online.

There it is, my rage post on what I didn't like, and what I kinda liked, about Madden 2011. Before you tell me to stop playing it, I'll say that I got the 1k (Funny Madden, you made a big point of saying No Online Team play, but second controller is ok) and I intend on selling it back. The die hard fans will still say they love it and that's fine. It's my review, and my opinion.

Agree or Disagree with my points? Feel free to post a reply about it. Know how to toggle or activate something I complained didn't exist, PLEASE tell me, I'd really like to know.