View Full Version : BAP: Boost Slots glitch (Can't use slots that I've earned)

01-20-2011, 02:27 PM

I've achieved a few Boost Slots in Be A Pro mode according to the requirements, but they don't get unlocked. All it says while trying to use the slot is "Boost slot is locked. You must upgrade your equipment to get more boost slots."

Anyone know why the hell these things are NOT unlocked? As I've met the requirements of the boost slots, and NHL 11 equipment doesn't seem to have "Equipment with boost slots" like NHL 10 or 09. So is there some kind of bug, glitch or whatever that does this?

These are the slots that I should've aquired:

Glove Boost Slot 3
1. "Complete 2 Seasons of Be a Pro, playing at least 40 games per season, with a created skater...OR..."

Doing the third season now, with the same created skater.

Helmet Boost Slot 3

2. Get 200 hits in a be a pro season with a created skater... OR..."

I had 220 hits last season.

Skate Boost Slot 3
3. Average 1.0 Goals a game for 1 season, playing at least 40 games, with your created be a pro skater... OR..."

I've had ~1.8 goals per games last season.

Anyone who know why this is happening, please tell. I've unlocked a few more, but not these and I'm not sure there's any difference in their requirements.

01-25-2011, 12:02 AM
Boost slot only count for regular season games. I had this happen on my goalie when trying to unlock a boost but it unlocked after the next season I completed. Try to play one more season and see if they are still locked.