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scousers on tour
01-20-2011, 03:28 PM
Hi I`m struggling on what i think is the final boss in arcade, its a extremely large starfish shaped boss (if that makes any sense), I cant seem to make much headway into damaging it, I`ve tried beam and chain attacks but to no avail :confused: any helpful tips would be appreciated.

PS Shelton, great guide man

01-22-2011, 02:13 PM
Hi, how far do you come with that boss?
He has 3 Phases.
Phase 1: He will send little white ships to you while he shot from 2 "arms" with a Laser. Best choice here is to use shockwaves and continuous fire against the white ships (and their spot) because you must stay close because of the lasers. After that, he will fly back and rotates while he shoot a lot of bullets. I suggest to fly in the right top corner between two of his "arms" and rotate with him until you reach the bottom right. Stay there and wait until the boss fly to the left. He will shoot some time now mostly to the other corners. Use the lightning shot (X). It is the best choice against that boss because you can better avoid his shots (e.g. if you stay below him in this moment) and the lighting goes trough his armor.

In Phase 2 he will hide some time during you has the possibility to fill up your life up to 200%. He will send some big white shops to you which give a lot of life. Use Beam Shot against the ships und pick up the 2 Life Orbs with the help of "LT".
When the boss returns he will shoot continuously until he lose his "arms". Best stay on the left corner and simply shoot until he lose his arms. After that he is a little bit smaller and only does 2 things
1) Turning and shooting. If he stops that...
2) he will send 6 ships to you, kill 3 for 1 Life orb, kill all 6 for 2 life orbs (i think 15% life pro orb), sometimes 2 little white ships appear, kill them for another 15% orb.
-> In this phase you must kill the white "turrets" from the boss, which are shielded by red armor. With the lightning "beam shot" you can hit 3 or even 4 white turrets. That does massive damage to the boss.

Phase 3: Nothing hard anymore except the last 20-25% of the boss, because he will use a beam shot too, which does massive damage!
Use the normal shot against him and beam shot when possible, in the end try to stay above or below the boss and use the lightning shot. Donīt take risks and refill your life with the white ships as in phase 1&2...

scousers on tour
01-22-2011, 09:39 PM
hi thanks for the help, im getting further than i did before, im getting to phase 2 step 2 now, but thats it so far, persistance is the key :)

01-28-2011, 08:52 AM
A nice tidbit for he first two phases - using the shockwave trick helps to bypass whatever armor that might be protecting him. Move your ship near the middle of the screen and move backwards for a bit. Then travel back in time, move behind your shadow, and fire away. This method (as instructed in the game) almost guarantees a shockwave each time.