View Full Version : Additional positions for RTG?

01-23-2011, 02:51 AM
I was wondering if there was any additional positions added for usage in RTG like TE, safety or defensive lineman, because I would really like to start a RTG as a TE. Now I know in last years madden you could play as a rookie in all the positions except for punter and kicker, but it was really frusturating me that I couldn't play or import them from NCAA. I know well that NCAA is a little bit behind the madden series as It takes them a couple of games to add updates that were added to madden several games before. But if there is not a way to start one, I was wondering if there was other ways, such as changing your position, for example starting out as a WR and changeing to a TE. I know you could in dynasty, but not RTG. So if someone can clarify this for me and explain to me any of the updates they've made from last years version that would be very helpful.

01-24-2011, 11:49 PM
Well the Madden series and NCAA series just have different features all together. They put features into the Madden game first to see how it goes over before they add it to the real football game. Just Kidding.

You can play any position in RTG except Punter, Kicker, O-line, and I do not think that you can as a TE but I am not sure on that one (I have never looked for TE). I know that you can not change your position once you start a RTG.