View Full Version : 2/10 difficulty...really?

01-24-2011, 01:28 AM
I am failing so hard at this game... I can't understand how this game is only 2/10 difficulty TBH. Mater's races are impossible because the jumps always knock you sideways. The AI always cheats and does the PITT maneuver on you. I have it at beginner and I am just getting owned. I don't get why I'm struggling so much to win...I have played Cars mater national that was easy, this is not.

I might just quit while I'm ahead, I know I'll end up breaking a controller soon if I don't... The achievement guide is one of the worst I have ever seen, it's just basically the achievement description in different words.

Edit:I found out what I was doing wrong. I wasn't drifting around corners, which helps a lot. I shouldn't have used the cheats which unlock all story races. I started on one of the hardest races lol. Here are some gameplay tips to make this thread less useless.

Gameplay tips:

1.Don't use cheats, there is no point.
2. Always drift around tight corners.
3.Use boost as much as possible.
4.Green cones means that it is a shortcut.