View Full Version : this game is FUBAR

01-24-2011, 02:47 AM
Been wanting to play it for a while, and despite all the comments about the glitchyness of the achievements I thought Id give it a go!

Wish I had never bothered...

So first playthrough, on kids, finished it and the achievement popped but it didnt stick. So I thought no big deal Ill go through it again and follow the advise in this thread:

Basically it says to create a copy of your save to save going through it if it doesnt stick. So went through and made my save then finished the game. The achievement popped up. checked it on xbox.com and then the xbox. I saw that my gamerscore had gone up 127195 =)

Only when I looked closer I realised it was not the achievement for beating kids but "friend of the stars" getting 180 stars in normal! WTF!?

and the timestamp on my xbox is 01/01/1752 lol. but no timestamps on either xbox.com or gfwl client.

Anyway, just thought id document it here in case I have any repercussions! But this sucks... back to trying to get the last 3 achievements to unlock and stick.

no more GFWL for me... lol

EDIT: and now it wont even let me sign into xbox live again without crashing, took me an hour before it would let me last time. Middle finger to this game!

ok this is really starting to piss me off now. Ive been trying to load the game since I wrote on the forums. and I only got into it once and then had to come off. Does anyone know why it might keep crashing?

I load the game up fine, then when I have to sign in to GFWL it starts signing in... freezes and then returns to the GFWL marketplace!!

I currently have no chance of getting these achievements if I cant even get the game to work as it should!

02-01-2011, 01:02 AM
When this game 1st came out it was fine. Now when I play it freezes all the time and I never got beat the game on kids achievement. Game = FAIL

02-09-2011, 08:20 AM
Mine freezes all the time aswell, sometimes it freezes then after thirty seconds carries on and sometimes after freezing the game just turns itself off and im back to my desktop.

Its a shame as its not a bad little game. Just....FUBAR'd.