View Full Version : New Copies?

01-25-2011, 04:30 AM
So I have recently been reading up on this game and it seems to be really fun. I played it at my friends house and it reminds me of when I use to play Lugie's Mansion (great game). I am trying to find a new copy butni cannot in any stores such as walmart or gamestop etc. Did they stop making new copies. Also might just get it of amazon new because I cannot stand getting used copies of games...

Starstrukk X360A
01-25-2011, 06:03 AM
I'm sure some stores still sell new copies of the game. Hell, some even sell new copies from games that are years old.

01-25-2011, 08:43 AM
My two cents: If you can find and buy the collectors edition and buy NEW! 2 reasons.
A)Collectors edition (DVD commentary) gives you an exclusive avatar item. B)New copies of Alan Wake have a code card that entitles you to the first DLC pack for free.

I was lucky enough that the used one I bought had the card and it was unused and a friend of mine got the CE and I borrowed his commentary disc for the avy ward

01-26-2011, 02:41 AM
I know in Canada, where I live every store had it on sale for 20 bucks on boxing day. Every store was sold out of it by the end of the day. I got the last copy out of the 10 stores in my area.