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After completing this game to its finish it got me curious about the Necromorph who cant die and the Final Boss fight. Come to find out i got half of the achievements on my list in about an hour. I had a saved game at the point just before you start to zig zag your way thru the launch pad to get to the Marker. the room where there is a bench, a save station, and a store. The last one you visit before the end of the game. TIP: Dont worry about money or any other weapons or power nodes, or whatever while your focusing on any achievement, because to refresh everything all you have to do is quit and load your last save, so dont be scared to sell off stuff to buy power nodes to beef up your guns. you can just try it all over with your loaded save. =)


-In the Final Boss fight where you face Issacs dead g/f you can attack her as much as you want but you must shoot the heart in order to win the game. as you fight her though tons of "pack" swarm you and try to fight you. i wondered if these counted as necromorph kills seeing as how they seem like a 'dream'. but YES they did. so i constantly rebooted my save taking all the different weapons (IE. Flamethrower -50 kills, Saw Blade- kill 4 with 1 blade......) and they all counted. Sooooo.....

1.NECRO FLAMBE- Simply jack up the flamethrower and make your way to the final boss. Just dont get touched by Issacs girlfriend or it will end. Simply continue to flamethrower 50 of the pack as there is a never ending swarm of them. if you run out simply attack issacs g/f and DO NOT shoot the Marker. just simply let her respawn and the pack will to. BINGO!





6.C-Section- Now to do this once you must make sure that your Contact beams Power Nodes have NONE on Alt Fire, other wise the push will simply kill the Necromorph instead of knocking it down. Simply boost up reload times on it and such. Simply walk out of the room from the save and fight your way till you reach the next room where a Necromorph Elite (the ones with all the black ooze on them) jumps out of the vent simply aim, and press RB to produce the shock-wave that will knock it over. Now quickly charge the gun and shoot it and the achievement should be yours!

7. THE SAMPLER PLATTER- Now that you have reached the end, money shouldn't matter to you anymore, simply sell stuff till you own all the weapons. then take whichever ones you need with you and go out and kill 1 Necromorph with each. if you have more than 4 you can simply just walk back tto the store and switch out till you finish the rest of them.

8.CLEAN CUT- Simply beef up the line gun with power nodes and walk out of the room, after 2 crawlers and a spitter, you must cut down the Immortal Necromorph and stasis him, after turning the corner BEFORE you enter the room you will see a Lurker just above you to your left. just simply aim and hope for the best to get all 3. I found the closer the better but whichever works for you. If you dont do it you can either go foward as there are a few more a room or two down, or you can simply reload your save and try again.

Second:Power Nodes, Suits

Tips:If you bought the Old School suit (IE. the one that gives you a 10% discount at the Store, make sure you wear it for the purpose of these acievements as it makes PN 1000 credits cheaper.) If not OR you are strapped for cash, follow this link that deals with the same location and hooks you up with Unlimited money and power Nodes:


*ALL CREDIT FOR THIS LINK GOES TO "JPRIC18"* -*This might also get you the achievement of "The Electrician"

Tips: Remember also that this is just a dummy game to get achievements so its ok to sell all the stuff you DONT need in order to make your achievements work. Just reload the save to get all your stuff back.

1. LOOKING GOOD- If you have the schematic in there but never bought the suit, just sell stuff until you have the money to buy it. Buy it and reload the save.

2.FULLY OUTFITTED- Simply sell off EVERYTHING u have for this one and buy up power nodes. Go to the bench behind you and apply them to your Rig and Stasis and the Achievement is yours. Reload the save.

3.PICKING FAVORITES- Simply sell stuff and buy Power Nodes. Fully upgrade 1 gun. Reload the Save

4.FULLY LOADED- Now with this i didnt use the unlimited nodes cheat. I simply wore the Old School suit to give me a discount (dont buy it if you dont have it, youll waste more money buying it than saving with it.) I simply sold off everything but my 4 most upgraded guns and bought power nodes until i got down to between 10000 and 20000 credits. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Do NOT spend that money. make sure you keep at least 10000 credits on you. Now go to the bench and go to your rig and stasis nodes. simply press "y" and say you want to spend 5000 credits to get back all your nodes on both. now you shoud have 30/40+ PN. Simply apply them to your guns and the achievement is yours.

Tips: if your still having trouble with money play the level all the way till you reach the elevator and stop. make sure you pick up all the ammo and health you find on the way but dont use it. stomp all the dead Necromorphs for more items. simply bring them back to the shop and sell them for a couple more PN. OR simply reefer to the link i posted above if your THAT low on money.

Third: Miscellaneous

1. FROZEN IN TIME- Stock up on stasis packs before you go to fight Issacs G.f. Now while all the Pack come at you simply let them group up and stasis a bunch of them with 1 shot. Blast away until its yours.

2.... AND STAY DOWN- With this one i already had 15 out of 25, but simply stasis all the enemys that come at you and dismember there legs until they crawl at you. simply run at them and smash RB as fast as you can until its dead. Repeat until the elevator. If you dont recive it by then, then you must start a new game and do it because you CANNOT stomp the pack. I tried it trust me. :(

3.THINK FAST- If your close enough with the amount by the end. simply stasis a Necromorph and shoot one of its slashers off. pick it with with Kinesis and aim it back at him. you can also fine poles and crates and such to hit them with as well.

4.EPIC DISMEMBERMENT- Simply clear out an area for you and the Immortal Necromorph to fight. have a couple stasis pack and health pack on you just in case it gets rough. but he should be easy enough. I found that the Line gun fully upgraded works the fastest. you can cut all 5 parts of him with 2 shots each. just aim for his legs, and it cuts both of them. as he crawls aim at his slashers and head, and get 3 more points. sell stuff to get more ammo if your low. simply Rinse and Repeat and each time u cut him down it counts as a dismemberment.

Tip: DO NOT shoot him while he is rebuilding himself as he is immune to gun fire at this point. wait for him to walk again then you may continue to fire at him.

OK Everyone hope all that wasnt to complicated and was easy enough to understand. I dont do this alot so try to go easy on me. Thanks and Have Fun!

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Good find, but the epic disemberment is a bit meh to do on the ned of the game.