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01-27-2011, 10:37 PM
Alright so I finally got all the MP achievements last night.

So i went back to the SP.
I had just finished going to the shipwreck for the orcs.
I also recieved the tele stone from the Groms.

MAIN PROBLEM: Im stuck on 2 quests, which when i make active still dont show me where to go.

The Archer guy wants me to find someone
And I need to find some rune for one of the orcs too
These I dont know where to go.

2ND PROBLEM: But mostly its the battling methods.
Since im achievement prone
I need to use magic staff and Bow/Arrows

SInce im on the orc/grom island i thought id try both out for killing enemies.
(I only have 1 warrior in MP)
Those 2 ways didnt work out so well since they both get interupted so easily.

I was wondering if yur supposed to get all the weapon skill achievements in 1 playthrough and if its actually possible. Also with the guild questline quests(even though im not even into part 1 of campaign yet)


My friend got the achievement for using the Oculus(eye ball thing) early on in the SP but I dont even remember getting one. He said u start off with it. Does anyone know where u get it?

01-27-2011, 11:03 PM
Ooo font colors.

Alright let me see if I can help you with these.

The rune for the orc- the first one, you mean? You merely need to press select, go to where your quest log is (item tab) and look for the quest you want (this one being Aslorng or something like that) and press Y to make it show up on your map.

The weapon skill you can get in one playthrough. Just set up your character the way you want and when you find a guy in the mage's guild that can reset your points, create a seperate save and then rebuild your char to use the skill. So for instance, I have a warrior with almost no willpower. I reset my points, bought a summoning book and a staff, did the 50 summons and then reverted back to my previous save. You can do this with any skill you don't want to keep.

The oculous I got pretty early but I don't remember when. I was using it on the island while I hunted Vels (the dog folk) so it came pretty early.

And the best way not to get interrupted while you cast/knock an arrow is by using the skill that cuts down on that time. Invest in that and you can cast magic pretty easily. It just starts off slow.

01-28-2011, 12:11 AM
For the weapon/magic kills i didn't even need a separate save, you just have to wait until 2/3 of the game. I just made my character the way i wanted and by the time youre around level 20/25 go back to the savannah, because enemies dont level with you everything here dies just by looking at them...
Even if your skill in magic or arrows isnt high your weapons are, so almost everything dies with one or two hits.
The savannah is full of warthogs, cheetah and rhino's to kill.

BTW: you may stumble upon a problem with the fire arrows so use this thread:
and look at the second 2 last entry (from Wullsterino)