View Full Version : Avatar award problem

01-27-2011, 11:24 PM
so i unlocked the currently available avatar awards, but instead of appearing in the avatar editor, they appear as a white "!" on a green background in a box. They are also unequipabble. I've checked with awards from other games, but the Red Dead ones are the only ones with this problem. Anyone know of a solution?

01-28-2011, 04:07 AM
I'm also having this problem. Every time I go to customize my avatar it makes me update my clothes but the Red Dead Redemption awards show up as the exclamation point! HELP!

Five Knuckles89
01-28-2011, 04:28 AM
Which item is it supposed to be?

01-28-2011, 09:26 PM
The sombrero and a tshirt, the only two I've unlocked so far

01-29-2011, 01:25 AM
The black on yellow shirt doesn't work for me

01-29-2011, 02:32 AM
I have all the shirts that are currently out and the sombrero and they all behave the same way.

Mellow Tha Pro
01-30-2011, 12:12 AM
same here - got the first t-shirt and the sombrero, neither of them work.

01-30-2011, 06:36 PM
Everything is working for me(at least last time I checked) except for my Rockstar shirt that I just got today. :confused:

Mr. Olaf
02-03-2011, 07:59 AM
Same here. The sombrero didn't appear in the avatar items.. :confused:

02-03-2011, 10:31 AM
I dunno what this is all about, especially since this game has been out for some time now.

I unlocked the sombrero via Undead Nightmare and it doesn't work.

However, as you can see, I am wearing it.

The closest thing to a solution for now is to use xbox.com and use the online Avatar Editor thing. You can apply the clothes/hat there and save and after a bit it will update and your avatar will be wearing the clothes, despite being unequippable on the 360 itself. That's what I did, anyway. Had this happen with ilomilo and Raskulls (although both of those games' awards now work correctly).

Doctor Cortex
02-03-2011, 03:10 PM
The sombrero had this issue with me however i unlocked another T-Shirt today in the game and after accessing the change my clothing on the Xbox it updated all avatar items again and has made all the items available to wear.

I can only suggest trying to change clothes again as they may have updated clothing lately.

02-03-2011, 04:38 PM
Nah. Seems it's working for some and not for others. It always updates for me, but it remains a (!) thing.

I've even deleted the sombrero, cleared the cache and then entered it again and it would have me re-download the sombrero, and then it would turn into the (!) again.

Dunno what the deal is.

Doctor Cortex
02-03-2011, 05:17 PM
Just got the other red coloured 'red dead redemption' logo t-shirt a few moments ago, so i saved my game went to the dashboard and went to see the shirt.

After clicking on change clothes I was greeted with the avatar clothes need updating menu, after installing the new unlocked shirt was greyed out with a !.

What I did was shutdown the console at this point, reboot, then went to customise avatar again. When I went to the clothes section I was greeted with the updating avatar clothes again. This time it was working and I could select the new tee.

See if this helps anyone. It did me.

Doctor Cortex

02-03-2011, 06:27 PM
Have any of you recently purchased a new xbox? If so you may need to use the DRM tool to transfer licenses to your new console. This happened to me with a few avatar items and using the DRM tool and then re downloading the items fixed this issue.

Hope it helps

02-04-2011, 06:52 AM
I'm using an old 360. And I've turned off and on the console and updated my Avatar Marketplace countless times (I memorize the stupid update music now).

Cleared the cache. Deleted the item and redownloaded it. Copied/Moved the item back and forth. So on and so forth.

It never worked with ilomilo or Raskulls (for me), though I know it has for some people.

For the sombrero, I know I've checked the actual marketplace at least 4 different times (after the system had been off) and I've deleted it and redownloaded it after clearing the cache at least twice.

I can't check other RDR awards because I can't unlock anymore (Undead Nightmare can only get me the sombrero and presumably the two that we're going to get from the XP Challenger).

I think it's just an inconsistent issue. Some people have no problem, some have a bunch of problems. Some have problems with different items. Some didn't and now do have problems. Some solutions work for people and others don't. It's really weird.

EDIT: After using the original RDR (which I didn't own. Only Undead Nightmare) and unlocking the two new avatar awards (the Gentleman's Attire/Posse Shirt) my sombrero magically started working today after I updated the marketplace one last time.

So I don't know now.