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01-30-2011, 11:21 PM
I was wondering how you unlock the different kinds of armor i see on other players as well as unlocking the higher level weapons.

I've been stuck using Light Elven Mail since about lv18 and im over level 40 now.

But while on the subject on how to unlock things, i have another question. How do people get to such high levels in the multiplayer? Im assuming you have to be grouped up with a higher level character to get better xp, but it doesnt make that much sense to me.

Thanks for any input.

Lone Strider 18
01-31-2011, 09:06 AM
I to would like to know the answers. *Bump*

01-31-2011, 09:42 AM
Fastest way to lvl up is making a lobby of 8 people for the adventure mode "Marshland". It should be 8 people because of the exp bonus you will get for every person in your party. I think it was around +5% EXP boost for every person.

On Marshland 4 guys are defending the sarkophag and one guy for each portal. Don't destroy the portals! It will stop spawning the zombies in front of the portal and current direction the Zombies spawn near the sarkophag.

Watermages works best. Best DMG output (almost instant kills them) for low manacosts (dehydration magic). With the dehydration spell there is no need of willpower-potions at all. Your maxed out will power regeneration skill regens your willpower fast enough to cast spell after spell.


For the weapons and armors...
Best way to get higher lvl armors is to buy and build your own village. Build some armorys and shops. With higher level of your character, your shop will sell higher level armors/weapons more and more.

Another tip is chest farming in village mode. Click me (http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/3776/chestsy.jpg)
Chests refills if leaving and loading village mode again.

Yes my english sucks. :P

01-31-2011, 01:29 PM
Just wanted to add to that, you don't necessarily have to be a Water mage, persay. I've got a 45 Necro and use a mix of elemental skills, including the water skills. So don't think that any one class is limited to one element, because they're not. I chose Necro early on for the Necris pets (strongest in-game due to their weapon/shield bonuses, but sometimes they get "stupid" and just stand there)>< lol.

And the guy above was right, though I like having a good mix in there. For pure output, his idea is teh shit. But what my squad last night was doing worked just aswell, just a tad slower. We had 4 Summoners, one on each side of the wagon. This allows for some cheap as hell XP (I just kept pressing RT. Even made myself a sandwich at one point lol xD).

But yeah.....after around level 30 or so, the sarcophagus grinding is your only option. It does get slow, but with 6-8 people, it goes by pretty quick. With a decent squad, around 20mins/level at my level. So not too bad at all in comparison to other games like it.

Btw if anyone wants to get some grinds in later, hit me up. Maybe we can get an all-x360a party going :D. /cheers