View Full Version : All Ghillied Up Glitch/Bug/or What???

02-05-2011, 08:00 PM
I don't know what is up, but it is really ticking me off. I am on All Ghillied Up right now (playing for fun, since I've 1000'd it), and I am having trouble in a section. Now I never had this problem before. I've seen this on other forums too (The post was from November of 2010). Ok here is the issue:

I am at the part where MacMillian and you have to go crawl underneath the cars right after the scrapyard. I never had any problems, but now I can't even reach the cars without my cover being blown, and I have done what I always have done. Other times, I will reach the cars, and halfway through crawling underneath them, MacMillan says "They spotted us, OPEN FIRE!" What the Eff is up, I had never had this problem before, and I don't know what to do.

02-15-2011, 06:05 AM
Never experienced this before but, I guess some game data has crashed or whatever. I think you can create another local account and play up to that level, and see if the same problem appears.