View Full Version : 24/25 Dungeons

02-10-2011, 09:45 PM
Alright so i tried following the German Map but 1st i used the Maps on Gamepressure because they were more zoomed in and cud be followed easier. those are located on right hand side at the bottom of the list.

After i checked with all the grey dots i had on my map to all the sections on gamepressure i am at 24, 3 of the locations i didnt have i thought were going to count but they didnt.

So im pretty sure the german and gamepressure are the same, so i was wondering if anyone could post some locations not on either of those maps so i cud get my achievement.

On the German Map i found all the white ones named Holthe except for #10, i had a cave near that location but it was marked with a green dot and was actually called something. Hole # 11&12 didnt count as a cave either.