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02-12-2011, 07:29 AM
I've been having problems getting to the Super Bowl Sunday Moment, I've always been proficient at Madden games but these ridiculous scenarios are BS. It puts too much constraint on you.......is there an easy way to breeze through them all, like should I take All-Madden down to Rookie and lower the CPU Skill........or will that just reset itself during the Madden Moments to default ??

Cuz right now I feel like using the disc for skeet shooting practice :uzi:

02-12-2011, 08:49 PM
#1 I'm not sure you can change the difficulty level for the Madden Moments. I think they are all preset.

#2 If you are really having that much trouble look at which team you need to play with for a specific moment. Go and edit all its players to 99. Look at which team you are playing against. Edit that teams players so they all suck. That should help.

#3 If you play franchise mode regular against the CPU then you have probably found a favorite playbook that features 3 to 4 offensive plays that are unstoppable and have found a defensive scheme that completely shuts down the run and stops the pass most of the time. Use THAT playbook not whichever team you have to play with's playbook. If you haven't found any plays that are unstoppable yet let me give you one:

In the Ram's playbook: Singleback Formation Ace Pair Twins. Choose the Outside Zone Run Play. Now, typically if you audible from here to the "Deep Pass" option in the first audible menu (I think the play it calls is called "Rams Verticals") the far side cornerback will blitz and your outside wideout will be wide open for an easy score. Works at least 80% of the time for an easy touchdown from anywhere on the field. However, remember that the cornerback will only blitz if you get to this play through the audibles. If you call it straight out it probably won't work. To give you an idea of how well this works: in a full game (5 min. quarters), even on All-Madden difficulty, you can easily get 500 to 700 yards passing and 150 to 200 yards rushing (and score a minimum of 70 points a game) JUST calling this play and running when you think you have a good look and audibling to deep pass when you don't.

If, like in the final Madden Moment, you need to get a 2 point conversion or a short touchdown then instead of audibling to the Deep Pass, audible to "Quick Pass". This calls the "Y-Stick" play and if you very quickly pass (I mean throw the ball IMMEDIATELY after the ball is snapped) to your "B" receiver you will usually be able to get at least 6 yards (I'd say 75% of the time, though when it doesn't work the CPU can sometimes get an easy pick 6). In addition with this play you can often also wait a few seconds, slide a little bit to your right with your QB and hit one of your tightends (I think he is "A" on this play) for about 3-5 yards.

As far as defense goes, I've found that against the CPU, on any difficulty, you can pretty much dominate them JUST calling a Cover 2 Man play. At least this works best for me (I play as the Free Safety and kind of free-lance Troy Polumalu style, blitzing when I feel like it even if the play design doesn't call for it). If the offense sends out 2 WR call it out of the 3-4 or 4-3 Defense, if they send out 3 WR call it out of the Nickel, if they send out 4 WR call it out of the dime. If they send out 5 WR I typically call the Cover 1 Man out of the Dime and put one of my safeties 1 on 1 with the 5th receiver. Also ALWAYS use press coverage. It gives your linemen more time to get to and pressure the QB. To give you an idea of how much this strategy dominates: on All-Madden, playing every down as the Free Safety (OJ Atogwe), I finished one franchise season with 103 Tackles (around 60 to 70 were tackles for a loss on run plays), 16 Sacks and 19 Interceptions. In addition, even though I don't ever call "designed" blitzes, I usually end up with 3 CPU controlled linemen on my team that finish the season with 10 or more sacks.

The only thing truly difficult about the Madden moments are the ones where you have to get an onside kick. I usually don't even bother trying for an onside kick. I usually just use "kickoff left" formation and just kick the ball deep and to the left (as close to the sideline as you can without kicking out of bounds). I then quickly switch to the far player of your formation who should be your #3 Cornerback. Use the strip-tackle (or if that player has a high power tackle rating use the trucking/power tackle) and a surprising amount of the time you will cause a fumble and often be able to return it for 6. To give you an idea of how often this works: in my franchise seasons my #3 Cornerback (the person making the plays on the kickoff) usually finishes with 15 to 20 forced fumbles JUST from kickoffs.

Also, at least in the final Madden moment, there are ways to trick the CPU into passing the ball instead of taking a knee if you don't manage to pull off the onside kick (or make them fumble). Call a Field Goal block (might be punt block) and the CPU's QB will audible from taking a knee to a pass play. Quickly audible to a cover-2 play and you should be in good shape.

03-11-2011, 03:01 AM
If anyones having problems with this still, simply refer to the achievement guide on this website... All you have to do is edit the other teams roster so they are horrible and it should be simple!