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Just for fun, if you're like me and love finding chests and dig spots. Nothing to do with an achievement in and of itself, but I have included houses that contain a few achievement-earning collectibles. Tracking these down is also a good way to kill time if you're gradually racking up income to supplement your treasury for the big quest, or just need things to sell. (B) indicates it's a business rather than a house.

Bowerstone Market
* Megafun Mansion - backyard
* The Dog House - no chest, but a dig spot in the backyard (I don't know what treasure level your dog needs to be at.)
* Bowerstone Storage (B) - behind some crates in the back
* The Cock in the Crown Pub (B) - find the fireplace with the couch in front of it, go out the door behind it and the chest is in the courtyard
* There also seems to be a mystery chest in town - see this thread: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=294033

Bowerstone Industrial
* The Cruddocks - upstairs
* Plum House - upstairs
* Guiltford - downstairs
* Wooble-Fuddlebuck-Glimborg Mansion - this house contains the entrance to the Cesspools, which you will encounter on the Kidnapped quest. I made this list from one world in which I didn't do this quest, but I was still able to buy the house and access this area. Inside the Cesspools are 1 Gnome, 1 Silver Key, 1 Book (Dangerous Things: Gunpowder), and 3 Chests.

Bowerstone Old Quarter
(Recommend getting these early in the game in case you do not restore the region later.)
* House of Stains - balcony
* Nightshade house - no chest, but a silver key
* The Baubles - buy the house and swap the dresser at the back of the room with something small (night table, whisky keg) so you can walk behind the crates
* inlet across the street from the Baubles - chest next to where the hooker hangs out
* Throckbibble Mansion

* Bumbler's Gruff - ground floor, in the corner near the blackboard
* Misgnomer House - You have to at least start the gnome quest to get this one.
* Ye Quill & Quandry Pub (B) - behind the building
* Weapon shop (B) - upstairs
* Furniture shop (B) - upstairs

* Reaver's Mansion - inisde his "pleasure chamber", can be found during the Reaver's Unmentionables quest
* the pink, vine-covered house from the Balverine statue quest - go around the left side of the house, it's behind the house up a slope
* mining pit cabin - only accessible if you drain and mine the lake; near the gazebo island

* House of Himilcar - behind some screens
* Desert View - in the farthest corner behind the screens
* Wanderer's Retreat - behind the large screen and the tall basket
* Sandsky - inlet next door has a Yellow Flower in it

Dweller Camp
(all these are next to the caravans)
* Wimpet's Sniffle
* Old Reliable - behind the caravan. There's also a 5-key chest up the hill w/ guild seals inside.
* The Crooked Caravan

Mercenary Camp
* The Thuggles - inside
* Jango's Badger - behind it

Bowerstone Castle
* "deer head" hallway - find the hallway with the mounted deer head and a doorway that's a bit lighter than the rest. Shoot the deer in the head until it activates a flitswitch.
* Library statues - read the statues in story order.

Sunset House
Various chests to be found, I won't spoil the fun. :D

* The Sandgoose Museum - Actually no chests in any of these houses, but check out the interior, uh, "theme" on both floors of this place. :D

NONE in buildings

NONE in buildings

Let me know of any errors or omissions! :D

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Cool, detailed list. I had thought about making one of those just for kicks this week. Now I won't have to. :woop: