View Full Version : Thoughts on the end of the game ***SPOLIERS***

02-15-2011, 08:46 AM

Having just polished off The Dragon Knight Saga for a very enjoyable 1000g, I was watching the end sequence, (I chose Bellegar and left Behrlihn in his tomb.) Is it just me or did you get the impression that this was how the game should have ended without the DLC content?

The original ending just seemed a little bizarre, I understood it, but it just felt as if the game developers were laughing at you as you dangled with the Divine chattering away at you constantly in the pod opposite.

The DKS ending was a much more rewarding experience for me, even though it was a slightly cliche confetti storm with cheering villagers and waving heroes lol.

The one part I did not quite get during the DKS end sequence was right at the end, you fly off to cheers and applause from the crowd and a cheesy 'Independence Day' style salute from the Divine himself and head back towards your Dragon Tower. The last shot though, shows a white cat sat watching you from the window. Was there a cat in the tower anyway? I don't remember seeing one, or am I missing some glaringly obvious reference?

I also have to mention the opening part of the 'DLC' portion of the game, did anyone else pick up the poorly disguised Terminator music as our hero appears crouched down in a ball of energy like Arnie did lol?

Great game though, even better with the DKS ending, I really hope that Divinity continues or like Arnie says - 'I'll be back'.....sorry im doing the cheesy stuff now lol :)