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02-19-2011, 11:53 PM
This has been translated from some german forum plus a pc gamerUK mag review summary: *there are no spoilers*

PC Gamer UK 94
* The best battle system in an RPG Darker, sexier.
* Most of the time I played in Kirkwall.
* The season is over 50 hours.
* Decisions actually have an effect - the fact that the story takes place over 10 years. Decisions feel real.
* The casual dialogues are excellent, cruder, funnier and generally better than in Origins.
* Bethany only lacks a bit of personality.
* Battles are quick and convincing, but they are also more complicated than in Dragon Age: Origins.

PC Games gave it 88, pros and cons:
+ very well told hero story
+ varied followers, each with their own stories
+ great dialogs with moral decisions
+ exciting boss battles
+ martial-arts-fans should have great fun with possibly the fastest (or fast paced) battles in a fantasy game

- ...but old-school RPG players might have their problems with the flurry of activities in battles
- limited class progression with fixed skilltrees
- poor level design with one-to-one copy-pasting of whole quest areas (do they mean, some areas are a carbon copy of each other???)
- unsatisfying ending

Gamestar gave it 87, pros and cons:
+ thrilling storyline
+ great dialogs and quests
+ coherent / consistent game world
- some fiddly battles
- less epic as DAO
Their conclusion: great RPG, a little weaker than DAO

02-21-2011, 08:49 AM
tbh honest in terms of greatness i still think it will be up there, but it will have been so hyped up and excited for by us fan boys we allways get slightly disapointed, and second games normally do, however these reviews seem very positive so far, i will love it regardless, and cannot wait for its arrival on me doorstep.