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02-22-2011, 08:41 PM
Hollywood Scenes

300: This is Sparta! & Tonight we dine in hell!
Along Came Polly: Me no estas too good.
American Pie: Stifler's mom.
Angels and Demons: A Vatican jet is standing by.
Animal House: You're expelled!
Apollo 13: Houston, we have a problem.
Baby Mama: Here come yo' baby mama.
Beverly Hills Cop: Herpes simplex 10.
Blazing Saddles: I was born here, and I was raised here.
The Blues Brothers: It's 106 miles to Chicago.
Casablanca: Here's looking at you, kid.
Coming to America: I want to tear you apart.
CSI: Miami Season 3: Gator bait!
Employee of the Month: Call an emergency staff meeting!
Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
Forest Gump: It's a household name.
Frankenstein: It's Alive!
Godfather: An offer he can't refuse.
Grease: What's the matter you afraid?
The Hangover: One-man wolf pack. & Oh, Lord it's Mike Tyson
The Italian Job: I'm Handsome Rob.
Karate Kid: Wax on, wax off
Kick Ass: You lookin' at me? & Nobody's tried to be a superhero?
Kindergarten Cop: It's not a tumor!
Mad Men Season 1: Enjoying the company of women.
Meet the Fockers: Look at this! & That weird shrine thing.
Meet the Parents: Can you deal with that!
The Mummy: Protect and watch over me.
Norbit: I haven't touched your seat.
The Nutty Professor: Dinner with the Klumps.
The Princess Bride: Tale of the 6-fingered man.
Rocky: What about my prime, Mick?
Rocky Balboa: People see me, and they think of you.
Shaun Of The Dead: Zombie Soundtrack
Slap Shot: The finer points of hockey.
The Spiderwick Chronicles: Jared meets Thimbletack
Stark Trek: The Next Generation Season 3: Locutus of Borg: Resistance is futile.
Star Trek: The Original Series Season 2: What killed these tribbles?
Superman Returns: Superman saves an airplane
The Terminator: I'll be back.
Tropic Thunder: Agent Pecker on the line. & A sweet, cuddly, vicious little panda!
Up in Smoke: Anybody got any coffee?
The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy meets the Scarecrow.

Hollywood Sets

Clash of the Titans: Defeat the Kraken!
Gladiator: A gladiator before the cheering masses.
I Am Legend: I can save you!
King Kong: The wrath of Kong.
The Matrix: The One commands 'The Matrix'.
The Matrix Revolutions: Outmaneuver the Sentinel army.
Men in Black: Confront the Bug.
Scarface: Say hello to my little friend.
Stark Trek: The Next Generation: Enterprise-D bridge.
Top Gun: Flight Simulator.