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06-22-2007, 02:00 AM
i found a link to a faq where a geezer is on about finding a way to get to the island just south of e-island and was wondering if it was true, and if anyone here had found a way there

Gray and I met randomly by racing one day. I had recently gotten to Eden
Island and was driving around with him there when he pointed out the small
islands and told me that he had gotten there. Of course, I didn't believe him,
but when he jumped there with his bookmarks, all I could do was ask him how. He
Said that he had left his Xbox for a time and that when he had come back, his
friend had pushed him into the water. The unusual thing was, though, that he
had continued underwater instead of respawning. He said that he saw three large
holes in the ground and as he was driving had to actually drive around them.
he and I employed the help of a few people and attempted once gain to jump far
into the water and just coast in, but nothing worked. This led my other friend
and I to our theory.
You will remember in my first glitch explanation of how to get into the
southern airport, that I said that when you create a bookmark in mid-air, you
will spawn on the ground directly beneath where you created the bookmark. Well,
we figured this applied over water. We began to ramp over the water and sure
enough when we made our bookmarks, we landed underneath the water. Yay,
progress! Well, not really. See, everytime we started, we could never get far
enough out to sea to get fully underneath the water, usually our helmet (or
part of it) was sticking up out so we assume that that was why we were
respawned every time. We never did get to the island, but we do know Gray was
telling the truth for two reasons, first because we saw the three
gargantuan holes in the ground and second because if look enough you can
find picture of him on the internet. So we will continue to try and find a
way to this island, but maybe it won't be us that finds it, maybe it will
be you.

the full faq can be found here

MoB Lonewolf
07-13-2007, 01:37 AM
has anybody tries this since it was posted? I've tried this a couple times and nothing...anybody want to try again?

Ho5tiLe D
08-03-2007, 08:23 PM
dont think so