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02-25-2011, 09:24 PM
First off i suggest following the guidelines to getting the Desparado cheeve by beating both storylines on easy then going to Hard on Technos (only b/c the 2 on 1 fight b4 spectre has a 20 sec countout & on the Rudos mode it doesnt ).
If you're like me and started Hard first & couldnt beat Spectre then heres some tips;

1st off Max out your strength & charmisa, you do not need much spped at all to run away from him when he gets his special, and the fight wont be a long drag out brawl so dont worry about endurance. if you cant win this within 5 mins you probably won't beat him

Secondly DO NOT Attack, he counters basically everything and gets a ridcuolus amount of charisma for it and if he gets is hand on you while he has his special the fight is over.
Just counter, get his timing down and counter all of his grapples and attacks.
When he strikes and ure able to counter him to the ground, go to the nearest turnbuckle, climb up and use an aerial attack, this will boost your charmisa and is one of the only ways to damage this nusiance

3rd DQs are on but that shouldnt stop you from grabbing a chair and hitting him with it, drop it, and wait for the red ! to go away and repeating.

4th After he follows you outside and u hit him with the chair and the clocks starts ticking he will try to walk back into the ring, you can land some cheap strong attacks on him at this point and he usually will not counter, if you can get him counted out then bravo b/c i had to actually beat him down adn it took me serveral tries.

5th if he does get his special RUN!!!! if you're speed is 0 he will catch you, but you can get around this by going ouside the rung and when he follows you, go back in the ring, rinse n repeat.
Also if you hop on a turnbuckle while he has his special most times he will run away.

keep countering and high flying and when you get your special make sure u can pick him up so he is dazed and hit him with the special, usually after 2 specials you'll be able to pin him.

hope this helps, it took me awhile b4 i came up with a gameplan and within a halfhour it worked

This site & its memebers have helped my gamerscore a tremendous amount so this is my small contributin to anyone who decides to pick up this shitty but cheap gamerscore game.
I had hopes it would run on the old THQ engine but it didnt, thank god for Game Fly!

02-26-2011, 09:42 PM
Actually isn't that hard. He's fairly easy. Maybe I will capture a video of beating it in hard... Ok. Im taking a shower to buy some stuff to start capturing (: