View Full Version : [Video] How to beat Spectre Jr.

02-27-2011, 09:58 AM
What's up guy. I'm posting this video recorded and played by me. It's just to give something back to the community because I've heard that some people have problems to beat Spectre Jr. This is the way I did.

PS. I would liked to use the original audio, but I forgot to buy a coupler.

Now, two things:

1. Please, in advance, forgive me for my broken english.
2. The quality it's pretty crappy, I will make other recordings with better quality (I captured this in a rush).

YouTube - Héroes del Ring: Espectro Jr. Difícil


1. At the beginning of the video, I'll show you the stats of my Luchador. Those are: Full Charisma, and then, Strenght above Endurance. The Speed it's useless.

2. DON'T TRY TO SUBMIT HIM. It's worthless... or at least very very hard. After showing my stats, I'll show you my Finisher, the objective it's to damage the body.

3. NEVER ATACK! Spectre Jr. counters even the air. Don't grab him, don't hit him, don't do anything. Just focus in counters.

3.1 When you do a counter and Spectre lays in the ring, do a taunt to boost your popularity guage.

3.2 When you do your first Finisher (Because you will do this like three times at least), MAKE SURE TO HIT HIM. And don't. Don't pin him yet.

4. Once you have made your first Finisher, repeat all the process, but, instead of making a taunt when Spectre it's laying, hit him everywhere: Legs, Arms, Head. You need to damage ALL the humanity of Spectre. If you don't do it, the Lucha will last forever (Or just a lot more).

5. Once you have hitted the 3rd or 4th finisher (if necessary), pin him quickly.

Congratulations! You've beated The Rudo of Rudos, Spectre Jr.!