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03-03-2011, 09:31 AM
Hi there, i wanted to know how to get the eastern egg from the island with the freak Huxley robot. im sure there MUST be eastern egg somehow because when you arrive (you near the ship) go far left near the sea and you can swim to gate and there need to place 2 eastern egg (i already placed one). so how to get the second egg ? someone know ? im very interesting what inside this door. :confused:

03-03-2011, 09:35 AM
Check the achievement and collection guide. Says there.

Edit - taken from the achievement and collectibles guide:

For the second East Hare Egg you need to shoot eight skulls inside the Keep and their locations are:
- On a shelf in the infirmary.
- On a coffin in the morgue. To get there enter the Keep and take a left to the infirmary and head down the stairs on the left and you'll see the skull on the coffin to your left as soon as you enter the morgue.
- Go past the morgue and take the door on the right and the 8th cell on the left.
- On the floor in the kitchen right next to a stove.
- Go to the office (See General Turner's Diary III on how to get there) and take the stairs behind the big chair down and you will find the skull on top of a crate in the far right corner.
- Dive down the prisoner ecape route (See Penologist's Handbook, Volume II on how to get there) and go past the boiler room to enter a cave. You should see the skull on top of a crate in the back.
- Go to the guard area (See General Turner's Diary I on how to get there) to find the skull on a shelf on the left.
- Enter the Keep and take the 2nd door on the right and go up the stairs. Then take a left and you'll find this skull in the first cell on your right. It's next to the sink.
After finding all the skulls go to the area where you fought Turner and turn left and you'll see that the door, with all the skulls next to it, at the end of the room is open. So go in and pick up the East Hare Egg.
When you have both go to Clockwork Island and go up the stairs and go left past the yellow/golden thing and down the stairs again. Then go right, into the water and swim forward till you see a cave on your right. Place the two East Hare Eggs on the pedestals and it'll open.