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03-03-2011, 02:28 PM
Any 1 else agree that though fable 3 is better now, it was a Horrible launch and lionhead some how got 8s and 9s in a reviews for a unfinished game?

03-03-2011, 03:15 PM
Any 1 else agree that though fable 3 is better now, it was a Horrible launch and lionhead some how got 8s and 9s in a reviews for a unfinished game?

i said it before in another thread but i do feel that they rushed its launch due to high selling point during the time frame it was. the first dlc patch to me basically was stuff they had to cut at the last moment in order to allow them to ship it and released it as semi par dlc.

im hoping the dlc will be as fun as the second, i enjoyed it. looking forward to getting into the new dlc.

03-03-2011, 04:00 PM
Definitely felt like a rushed game and devoid of story that made Fable 1 and elements of 2 great.

Mega disappointed by the super-easiness of the battles and lack of creature variety, not to mention the fact that there are NO original creatures with the exception of Poison Balvarines.

I didn't and still do not care about what happens to any of the supporting characters because of lack of back story and development.

The first DLC looks like it was cut from the original game, super short, and has zero replay value. Just finishing up the second now... Glitchy map loads, more processor slow downs, and aside from the keep section not a lot of free range exploration. Anyone notice you can't warp to a quest spot... just starts you at the beginning of the keep each time.
All of this to say it is still a good game, BUT feels like it is regressing rather than progressing like most Fable fans have been expressing. Yes, it is a commercial success, but the bext one released may not be if they do not take the fans opinions into consideration.

03-03-2011, 06:23 PM
I found myself at major disappointments with the story length and the possibilities after the story (which were close to none)
For me, Fable 3 was an RPG, but there wasn't anything left of that ''P'' after the story

03-05-2011, 03:53 AM
I'm having fun but I felt generally Fable 2 improved over a great game and this took two steps back in this case. Alot of the game just felt... lazy. The glowing trail is absolutely broken and lack of usable maps make traveling bothersome. The sanctum was cool at first but now I really despise it, especially for the lack of.. I dunno a clock? Another thing that bugs me is the lack of health bar, now a red throbbing glow on my screen indicates death, which comes far too quick. I really want to be able to upgrade my toughness and other things.. but its all generic hoopla on Road to Rule.

CKK Salvation
03-06-2011, 06:52 PM
The first game was really solid and had a lot of promise, but there were a lot of things that needed improvement to make it a truly great game. Each installment since then has been a step back and has created more issues than they fixed.

3 has been a disaster, as far as I'm concerned. And the fact that the new DLC has so many issues leads me to believe that it wasn't rushed, as much as they are just truly incompetent.

03-08-2011, 06:59 PM
Every time i think lionhead has apoligized for selling me Sh*& in a box they serve me another helping.I actually liked the Keep dlc..but why am i still recieving guild seals as a reward and there's nothing to use them for. I have all the achievements so far except for the demon door 1. Why you ask? oh yeah ITS GLITCHED what a shock... a glitch in fable 3 no way ..as i look over to my speechless butler.

Midnight Malice
03-10-2011, 05:28 AM
As someone who hated the first game, then was drawn into Fable 2 from a friend who wanted to co-op the whole game, I must say that I liked Fable 3. It is simple and funny, and a good escape from normal games. It will never be on par with leading RPG's, and I was rather disgusted when glitches from the 2nd one carried over to 3. Really no excuse for that kind of laziness. But the story was fun, all be it, short, if you follow the main quest only. Very very short. Which at first I was rather annoyed with, but having to replay the game for 1 achievement (not getting knocked out) cause I didnt read the list my 1st time through. Then having the demon doors glitch as well... my 2nd playthrough being short is actually a good thing. Which is actually a bad thing for the series. So yeah good for me now, but bad overall.

I'm not angry that I bought it, I enjoyed it, but I wont be playing it after I 1250 it. Which means it is an average game at best.

03-10-2011, 05:12 PM
Well I haven't ended it, Have made to Aurora so far....

I played Fable and Fable 2 Twice. First time as good & second as Evil....

1.Would like to say Fable 2 was awesome game, The only problem was tons of glitches, Bugs and exploits. This time those things are fixed.

2.The Road to Rule is a good story kind of thing but I liked Fable 2's upgrading and 4 different type of orbs system far more then this.

3.The Sanctuary is one awesome addition I wish things like this get implemented in every second RPG. The few flaws are - No clock in sanctuary & There is no option to repair all houses & In order to view the quests you always have to open the map and scroll to find your objective, which is annoying at times and the last terrible thing you can't fast jump to shops, this could have been fixed if they allowed custom marker but it isn't here for any reason.

4.The story is interesting but it lacks the appeal of Fable 2's awesome story, In that you were going to save the world and find the other heroes to help. For some reason I loved that. Fable 3's composing resistance is going good so far but it has it's ups and down e.g Aurora is damn boring so far.

5.The Legendary weapon system is broken, Your weapons don't get upgraded if they ain't equip. It would have been OK if there were few of them but there are damn 50.

6.I miss the Colosseum type of arena and the childhood of hero in early game.

7.Lack of enemy types, There are so few of them most of the time one's killing shades or ghosts (whom fight the same), Bandits, Hollowman and hobes.

8.The Glowing Trail is Broken.

9.There are too much collectibles especially the Aurora flowers are boring & Hard to search for.

10.The last thing Magics have been reduced, No new magic (So far) has been added, Guns have been reduced e.g Blunderbass and perforator (if I remeber correctly)

11.Forgot one thing game is too easy and there ain't no difficulty select + The tutorials are terrible for new comer, Game doesn't teaches one how to use Hold Button (for anything) effectively and properly.

After all the bad saying about the game, I still like Fable 3 a lot, The sanctuary is brilliant, The world ain't as Goofy as previous titles, The hero finally speaks (still too less), The choices are interesting, Become a king and rule Albion seems interesting (Although I haven't done it) and The overall flow of storyline is smooth. (I mean mission layout e.g making resistance)