View Full Version : 3rd Driving Level.

03-06-2011, 12:31 AM
In the off-chance anyone comes here....

I'm stuck trying for the final achievement I need - "Great Driver - 15G". I have scores of 3818 and 3943 (total 7761) in the first two levels, so I only need 2239 points on this last level. Trouble is, I can't even get half way through. I can do the first obstacle, the rock and Jack-o-lantern, up the lumpy hill to the second rock Jack-o-lantern with another plateau type rock beside it.

Now, I can't beat this section. What am I supposed to do? I always end up stick between the two rocks and it's a teeny bit too narrow so my car ends up wedged with the back wheels off the ground. Anyone got either hints/tips of the exact method to get past this?

Appreciate it.

Edit: So of course, the internet is out to make me look like a fool by letting me beat this section and the entire level the first time I try after posting. Fluked past that bit, not really sure how though. Got just under 3k, the achievement and a 200.