View Full Version : A couple questions

03-07-2011, 03:43 AM
So I had downloaded the demo for this a while back, and before committing to spending the points on the full version, I do have a couple questions.

1.) Seeing as this show isn't even on anymore, and the threads on here are rather old, is this game even supported anymore? The last thing I want is to shell out the money for this, only to find the daily puzzles are no longer available, and it not take me long before the other puzzles become repetitive.

And 2.) more often than not, in the demo, when I chose to bypass the game aspect of it and just do the daily puzzle, the game locks up on me. If I were to upgrade to the full version, would I still have this problem? Or might it be just a symptom of the possible lack of support for the game as expressed in my first question?