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03-07-2011, 04:29 PM
I have completed the game on Hard difficulty. My achievements were unlocking as i went along but i didn't get all the statues or free all the caged animals. I was pretty sure that i had killed at least 1 enemy using futo on every level but it didn't unlock.I made sure i didn't replay a level until i had finished the game because i had read that it can be glitched if you do.
I then replayed ALL of the levels and i made sure i had freed all the caged animals in every level and i also collected the remaining statues and used futo in every level once again.
The achievements for freeing all the animals, for using futo and for collecting all the statues DID NOT unlock.
I switched it off and then back on again and replayed one of the levels and the achievement for collecting the jizo statues unlocked but the others did not. WHYYYYY?????
PLEASE someone help me without telling me to play the game all over again. THANKS

Lord Omega
04-02-2011, 08:05 AM
I had the same issue with the Stop! Futo time achievement eventhough I made sure I used him in every level, so I started replaying all levels since the beginning and in order using Futo, killing some guys and hitting a checkpoint, then quit and move on to the next level. When I was in the rice fields I never went through the door at the end, just got off the water after the koi fish scene, killed the two guys in the middle of the road and THEN went back to the checkpoint that's on the waterfront, used it and went to the main menu. When I was in the level where you escape the avalanche, I hit one guy on the way down with the hat (with Futo) and then I made a wrong move and got stranded in front of some samurais right in the middle of the avalanche and started pressing A like crazy to try to get Futo moving before the snow got to me... about 10 seconds later I got killed by the snow and the achievement suddenly popped!!!???
I know it makes no sense but that's how it happened, so maybe it works for you as well.

THE Mr Fill
04-29-2011, 03:46 PM
for the animals, if you replay a level you must pick up ALL animals for that level, not just the ones you missed (they're not like the statues)

For Futo, I had to re-play the levels from the start - I knew I had missed one (the first snowball level), but apparently defeating the "big guys" doesn't count as using him, you have to kill the little/medium guys too... also, if you die or restart from checkpoint I don't think that counts if you don't use him again after

It's annoying that this doesn't "naturally" unlock, but the game is glitched for cheevies anyway

07-15-2011, 07:43 PM
For the Futo one, if you are sure you have used Futo on every level, it's recommended to go to the flooded village, switch to Futo as soon as you levels start, then you'll get it for some reason. That's how I got it. I got this idea from another member, and it worked.