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03-09-2011, 11:43 PM
Anyone have a suggestion on what my party should consist of? I really cant determine who to have
I play as a warrior and in my party I will have Merril who i will have for sure. Heres the possiblilities of what i kind of would want in my party

Merril= damage mage
Bethany=healer mage
Ander=healer mage

1. Me, Merril, Bethany, and Anders
2. Me, Merril, Bethany/Anders, and Aveline or Fenris
3. Me, Merril, Bethany/Aners, Sebastion/Isabela

What party do you guys think would be best for me because i dont know how hard it gets later in the game. I would use the 3rd option of a party only because i would have a rouge to pick lock chests and I wouldnt be sure if I would want Sebastion for range or Isabela for duel wielding. I really dont know who i would go with between Bethany and Anders because Bethany has done a good job at healing so far but Anders seems like he would do really good because he can do a group heal. Aveline just seems good for a 2nd warrior over Fenris just because i dont have Fenris and dont know what hes like and with Aveline everyone always attacks her while i can go around attacking any enemy without taking much damage.

03-10-2011, 01:00 AM
You def dont need three mages, in fact I wouldnt ever recommend that. Once a group of enemies goes after any one of them, you will be cut down rather quickly.

My party currently consists of:

- Rogue who is a primary archer with mastered Archery and some important Duel Weapon stats in case I need to switch over so I dont have too many ranged fighters.

- Tank Warrior who just basically sits there and casts supports skills and lures all enemies to them so DPS and area casters can unleash hell

- Two handed warrior. Basically heavy hitter of the group.

- DPS/Healer monk (me). I switch between the two depending on the situation. I have maxed out elemental and spiritual healing, so it helps in most situations. I can unleash Firestorm and such while still being able to heal and revive.

Thats my party at least, Ive only ever had one person get knocked out in battle with this party.