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03-11-2011, 07:49 PM
With the recent announcement of Raiden. I am all hyped and feeling nostalgic, so I went on youtube looking up Raiden videos. Anyone remember this song? I had all the mortal kombat albums from the 90's (there are like 4-5) and this is one of the best songs out of them all.

YouTube - Mortal Kombat Raiden's theme


Vulger Spartan
03-12-2011, 05:02 AM
Yeah, Raiden's has to be the corner Stone out of all the Character themes.
Even though Scorpions Song starts off Super-Ominous it kind of sounds "Un-Scorpion" with that guy wailing in a girly voice but the Lyrics are dead on.
Sub-Zero's Song Got Covered into a Really Cool song better than the album version. The cover Band's Name has a Sub-Zero Connection too.
I like Kano's too with the "Kano Wins" echoing at various point throughout his song.

COVER VERSION by Shael Riley & The Double Ice Backfire YouTube - Sub-Zero's Theme (Chinese Ninja Warrior) by Shael Riley & The Double Ice Backfire
YouTube - Subzero Theme Song - Chinese Ninja Warrior [HQ]