View Full Version : "Enemies Among Us" quest. Siding with the Mages? (SPOILERS?)

Lord Montymort
03-13-2011, 02:14 AM
Hey guys, I am currently completing the "Enemies Among Us" quest, but feel I have hit a wall.

I have been wanting to side with the Mages every chance I get, but I am at the part where you talk to Idunna in the Blooming Rose, but the only options I have are to send her to the Templars or to kill her, neither of which to me sound like your siding with the Mages and is pretty much the exact choices a Templar would give an Apostate, does this bit count towards the achievement for picking sides? Also I have been trying to get both Merrill and Anders to both be Hawke's friends, but this also seems like it could have a negative effect for both of them if I make the wrong choice, what is the best thing to do here?