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03-13-2011, 02:53 AM
ok iv found a neat glitch nice for mage lovers. (as far as i know this only works on solo iv not tried co-op or VS yet) And this might also work on health iv not tried it yet.
and sorry if this has come up i did a google search with no results. and checked here couldnt see.

ok i noticed this by mistake.
I'v made my character a multi classer. Evenly going up every stat. iv made 3 weapon sets. mage, archer and warrior. each has there own 4 rings, necklass and full protective gear.

Obviously my mage has willpower stuff. so my stats for mage are different from my warrior.

My stats when in warrior/archer for magic are.
5,622 mana
56 willpower

when set as mage class thanks to gems and robes it changes to
17,820 mana
175 Willpower

now when as a mage im casting all my spells and my mana runs low so i then go in as a warrior, but i noticed if i do this when my mana as a mage is higher than my max mana for a warrior i become a warrior with full mana. Obviously.

then once i swapped straight back to my mage and notice my mana was FULL.

so if your mana is full when swapping class it will remain full. so everytime i cast a high cost spell i quickly switch class then straight back to have full mana. it only works if the mana is full in the other class.

now iv not tried this with HP cause all my guys have same endurance.

but if you made a tanky warrior class and a wimpy class id assume switching in and out around half HP would fully heal you.

03-13-2011, 05:40 AM
It does.

On my ranger, I use some spells like Invisibility to sneak up and close range multi arrow.

I noticed when my health as Ranger gets low and I switch to the mage to pull out a healing altar, I was already full health when I switched back. However, I recently switched my crystals from upping endurance to upping accuracy and found that that trick was lost. Since, I can make an altar in mage mode then use it in ranger mode, I decided to keep the accuracy crystals.