View Full Version : Level 1's in the Marshland

03-13-2011, 05:28 AM
Until I created a second character, I thought that any level 1's in the marshland were people that hacked the system. So anyone that has only one character, please know that once you unlock an area, any new characters can go there.

As the first levels are a pain in the arse to level, I will help anyone jump start their added characters. Just send me a message here and if our play times are compatible I will send a gamertag friend invite. Then I will make a private session and invite you in. You will go behind the locked gate where the seller is until you feel you can survive in the fight. I will then do what I do when I solo. I will use Invisible to reach the two gates on the right side and destroy them so all I have to do is defend from one direction. The more people we can get into the match the better since each person beyond yourself adds a 5% experience bonus and I'd be helping more than one person at a time

When I have an open match for getting my experience I will kick anyone below 20 as I learned that when I keep them, the other high levels leave. I figured that those high levels only wanted people that can pull their own weight. Therefore, I stopped allowing anyone when I was trying to get my own levels.

03-14-2011, 07:54 PM
Uhh im rather new, "to this game" but if you need one more id be willing to play and yes im atleast a 20. My time zone is Eastern US.