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The Pants Party
03-17-2011, 01:17 PM
Co-written by Gackt (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/member.php?u=79187)! Huge thanks for his original work on the guide, but I thought it could use a little beefing up in places, better formatting and some extra links I found useful when playing for myself. Posted with his permission, and written with 50-60% of his original information intact. :)

Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time for 1000: 25+
Minimum playthroughs: 1
Missable achievements: Desert Rose, Lost (maybe Who's Next?, Legend and Prince of Thieves)
Glitched achievements: None
Offline: 34(790)
Online: 12 (210)
Cheats disable achievements: No cheats.
Difficulty affect achievements: No, feel free to play on easy.

Single Player Overview
The only things you can really miss are the quests for the achievements Desert Rose and Lost. Lost needs to be done before you complete the main quest or the areas you need to go to get the rune stones become locked and can not be opened again even with lockpicking - the quest starts from the blacksmith in Ansalor, and can not be fully completed until you unlock the Swallows area in Chapter 2. Desert Rose can be missed if you just simply choose not to do it. After working for Basel in Hatmandor a man named Tongue will talk to you. Do what he says and continue doing the quests related to that and you will work towards the Desert Rose achievement.

All achievements in the Single Player can be obtained in one playthrough, though if you don't work on "Who's Next?" you may run out of stationary, humanoid enemies to assassinate. Kill as many Grom and Varn in this manner as you can to get the achievement quickly - also, there is a rare glitch where the skill "Death Strike" needed for this achievement does not get automatically learned like it should, so reload a save when the first task of doing an assassination starts if you can not perform it. The "Legend" achievement can somtimes be missed if the experience from killing the final boss skips you right from 39 to 41. Be sure you are somewhere in level 38 or have already reached level 40 before heading to the final battle. Also, "Prince of Thieves" may be missable if you kill a certain quest-giver, so check the Quest guide linked there for that and a few other small issues that may arise in the Guild quests.

Single Player Playthrough
As you play through the single player campaign, it may be a good idea to take note of which dungeons you enter actually count toward your total. If you go underground at all, check your total via the notes section and see if it increased and take note of the location from one of the maps linked in the "Fortune & Glory" achievement. Be sure to visit every bounty board as you pass them (check the Quest Guide thread), and do them all as soon as they are available. If you find an enemy too tough (such as the Cyclops' on the beach quest), do a few others and level up once or twice then come back. See "Liberation" for a link to a walkthrough of the entire game and all its side-quests.

There is nothing you can miss here. The few competitive modes are easily boosted, only one of them requires more than two people which is Deathmatch (four). Money you obtain on your MP campaign characters can be transferred to Village mode to build the required amount of buildings.

The Pants Party
03-17-2011, 01:17 PM
http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/+D-AxQ==.jpg The Great Escape
Escape from Castle Vahkmaar - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Story related, can not be missed.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/+h7JcA==.jpg Into The Fire
Complete Alsorna Introduction - 25http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Story related, can not be missed.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/+-4x4w==.jpg Old Wounds
Complete Chapter I in the Single Player Campaign - 30http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Story related, can not be missed.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/-lzaGg==.jpg The Road Less Traveled...
Complete Chapter 2 in the Single Player Campaign - 30http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Story related, can not be missed.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/-7wiiQ==.jpg Last Stand
Complete Chapter 3 in the Single Player Campaign - 30http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Story related, can not be missed.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/-Z0rPA==.jpg Liberation
Completed the Single Player Campaign - 80http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Story related, can not be missed.

For a good walkthrough of the game, click here (http://guides.gamepressure.com/twoworldsii/).

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPoIrbw=.jpg Alchemist
Create a potion(Single Player) - 5http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Create a potion using alchemy for this achievement. Can be gained after reaching the first town of Bayan. Take a left after you arrive from the teleport and directly outside of town is a woman who you can do a quest for; in return she teaches you to use alchemy to cure a horse. To brew a potion you need to open your menu and tab to the alchemy screen. Press Y to add two or more ingredients to the cauldron, then simply press A to finalize the potion.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPvoVS8=.jpg Grey Wizard
Create a spell(Single Player) - 5http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

This can't be missed because you have to do this during the Alsorna tutorial missions. To create a spell, you need a carrier and an effect card in the two main slots. You don't need to add any modifiers for the achievement, but they will increase the power of the spell if you want to use a mage-type character.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPnJXJo=.jpg Hammer Time!
Upgrade a weapon or piece of armor(Single Player) - 5http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

While doing quests in Alsorna at the beginning of the game, you are required to do this for the Orc blacksmith. After talking to him, go to your inventory and select weapons to salvage to create the steel he wants (by holding LB and pressing Y), after that you can then press Y on an item you want to upgrade. So long as you know a craft (from your upgrade page in the menu) and have the correct materials, you can press A to increase the stats on an item.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UP+qRkU=.jpg Clairvoyant
Use the Oculus(Single Player) - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Found in your potions/quest items section of your inventory, these are randomly picked up from slain enemies. Simply use one and the achievement is yours.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPgppAk=.jpg Minstrel Hero
Perform a song, hitting 100% of the notes(Single Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Buy the sheet music for the song "High Tides" from a merchant or musician and buy a drum to perform the song. This is the easiest song/instrument to get this achievement with as it only requires two alternating button presses.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPsOsAc=.jpg The Antaloorian Job
Lockpick 50 Locks(Single Player) - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

You will get this while playing throughout the game, simply lockpick doors/chests anytime you come to them. The longer you play and higher level you get the higher the lock difficulty will become, so best done earlier in the game. Or if you decide to put skills into lockpicking this skill will still be pretty easy as the mini game is time based and putting skill points into lockpicking will increase the time you have to pick the lock. To complete the mini-game, simply press RT when the pick is over a catch in the tumbler you're currently scraping. Once you hit a catch, start looking for the next one. Each tumbler has a catch on both sides directly across from each other.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPruSJQ=.jpg Slight of Hand
Steal from 25 people(Single Player) - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

You can acquire the stealing skill book in the Cheznaddar sewers. There are some thieves down there you can buy from, but the book is sitting off to the side and you can take it for free rather then buying it. You can only steal from people who are not moving, example being guards, people standing idle at merchants, or listening to the town crier. The steal icon will appear while standing behind them. Can be annoying so save before and after each attempt or a couple skill points in stealing make this very easy as the time increase helps immensely. You need to wait for the gap in the three snakes lines up and press A quickly. Move your thumbstick slowly to follow the gap in the outer-most snake at all times.

The Pants Party
03-17-2011, 01:18 PM
http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPo7lKA=.jpg Sweep the Leg
Effectively use Knockdown 30 times(Single Player) - 20http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

This skill is under the warrior skill tab in the menu and is actually called "Humbling Blow." It can only be done against humanoid type enemies, and is performed by holding LT to block, then pressing Y. Each level in this skill adds a percent chance to knock down the enemy so having it fully developed brings it up to a 65% chance. You can find one enemy and keep kicking him down for this achievement if you want to boost it quickly, but the opportunity of a one-hit kill after a Knockdown will likely have you using it often anyway.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPkcgK4=.jpg Fearmonger
Effectively use Battle Cry 75 times(Single Player) - 35http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Battle Cry skill is under the Warriors skill tab in your menu. Simply use it 75 times while fighting against enemies by pressing X. It's a percent chance to stun your enemy, easy to do while fighting multiple enemies at a time. Will come with time while playing or if you want it quickly, you could invest a few points in it to make the chance to stun higher and run around one group of enemies until it unlocks. You will likely have to buy this skill book from a merchant, as I never found it while on quests during the game.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPj8eD0=.jpg Man in Tights
Kill 50 enemies using Multi Arrows(Single Player) - 35http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Archer skill. You start with multi arrow so there is no need to buy or find this skill. Simply kill 50 enemies while using multi arrow for the achievement. Can get it early off by running around the first island you get to (The Savannah) and killing the wildlife. Press Y to make it your active ranged attack.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPtClfw=.jpg Crazy like a Lox
Kill 30 enemies using Fire Arrow(Single Player) - 20http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Archer Skill. You need to first find or buy this skill as you don't have it to start with. Press B to make it your active ranged attack, then just use fire arrow skill to kill enemies or wildlife until the achievement unlocks. The enemy needs to die from the fire damage so if you are to strong, your arrows piercing damage will kill them instead of the fire. This is best done early off or by shooting near the enemy so the area affect fire damage kills them.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPljnEk=.jpg White Wizard
Kill 50 enemies with magic(Single Player) - 20http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Simply kill enemies while using magic spells of any kind. See "Grey Wizard" for how to create a spell. You must have a staff equipped to use magic. If you didn't kill many of the Varn or wildlife in the Savannah, this becomes easy later in the game for one-hit kills.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPiDZNo=.jpg Beastmaster
Summon 50 monsters(Single Player) - 35http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Create a summon magic skill, and summon a monster. Refer to "Grey Wizard" for how to create a spell - in this instance, you need a "Carrier Effect: Summon" card in the right slot, and anything but an Undead card in the left slot. You can just keep summoning over and over until it unlocks, but these creatures become useful later when you need to distract more powerful enemies.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UP0hjyM=.jpg It's A Trap!
Set 40 traps or bombs(Single Player) - 35http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

These need to actually go off/be activated to count. To quickly earn this right after finding the skill book (which you really can't miss during the last quest of Chapter 1), use a spike trap on the mummies over and over. It only requires Level 1 in the skill, and you can keep picking the trap up and using it again.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPzyTqw=.jpg I Am Spartacus!
Survive the Arena(Single Player) - 25http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Complete all ten fights in the Arena. Received by doing quests for Basel, which you get by doing missions to get into the city of Hatmandor. Continue working for him and he will eventually tell you about the arena. Go there, complete all the waves of enemies and the achievement is yours.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPtxrOA=.jpg Last Man Standing
Complete the Brotherhood questline(Single Player) - 25http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See this thread (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=292643) for a list of quests and where to obtain them.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPqRVHM=.jpg Dances With Mops
Complete the Mage's Guid questline(Single Player) - 25http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See this thread (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=292643) for a list of quests and where to obtain them.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UP8zv4o=.jpg Prince of Thieves
Complete the Thieves Guid questline(Single Player) - 25http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See this thread (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=292643) for a list of quests and where to obtain them.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UP7TRxk=.jpg The Merchant of Antaloor
Complete the Merchant's Guid questline(Single Player) - 25http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See this thread (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=292643) for a list of quests and where to obtain them.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPganRU=.jpg Hero
Reach level 20(Single Player) - 25http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See "Legend" for more information.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPn6ZYY=.jpg Legend
Reach level 40(Single Player) - 40http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Most of your experience in the game will come from completing quests. I did the bare minimum required for achievements (Guild quests only) and ended up halfway to Level 40 after beating the final boss. You can then do any of the many town quests to get you the rest of the way if need be. Be aware that if you beat the final boss while you are level 39, you may skip level 40 entirely due to the large amount of experience earned and the achievement will not unlock. Make sure you're only level 38 or have already hit 40 before heading to the final battle.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPvbbDM=.jpg Fortune & Glory
Explore 25 Dungeons(Single Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

You need to go to 25 dungeons for this achievement. You don't actually need to explore the dungeon, just go in and come out. A map (in German) for the entire game can be found here (http://b.imagehost.org/0573/TwII_Map_H_hlen_Dungeons_Gr_ber.gif) (white/green dots) or you can use the individual area maps starting here (http://guides.gamepressure.com/twoworldsii/guide.asp?ID=10226)and visit the blue dots. I would suggest waiting until you've beaten the game to finish exploring any you missed. Be aware that some of them may be locked (without the ability to pick) and you would need a town-specific quest to enter them. There are plenty of dungeons though, so I would just note the locations of these and continue looking for others. If those are the last one's you think you can find, head to the nearest town and start looking for quests to pursue.

One thing many people have run into here is getting stuck at 24/25 and not being able to get another dungeon to count. Me personally, I hit 24 and then visited two dungeons that did not count even though I know for sure I had never been there (the map was even fogged out before arriving and I had to pick the locks), then I went to "Cave #13" in the Vahkmaar Castle area which counted and unlocked the achievement. I would suggest NOT visiting that dungeon until you are at 24/25, as it may be a "fool-proof" dungeon that is always counted, since it is the last area of the game and the programming may expect it to be your last.

The Pants Party
03-17-2011, 01:18 PM
http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/-H3Trw==.jpg Adventure Part I
Complete Chapter I in the Multiplayer Campaign(Multi Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See "Adventure Part VII" for more information.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/-1rHoQ==.jpg Adventure Part II
Complete Chapter II in the Multiplayer Campaign(Multi Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See "Adventure Part VII" for more information.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/-ro-Mg==.jpg Adventure Part III
Complete Chapter III in the Multiplayer Campaign(Multi Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See "Adventure Part VII" for more information.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/-QTS8w==.jpg Adventure Part IV
Complete Chapter IV in the Multiplayer Campaign(Multi Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See "Adventure Part VII" for more information.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/-yXbRg==.jpg Adventure Part V
Complete Chapter V in the Multiplayer Campaign(Multi Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See "Adventure Part VII" for more information.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/-sUj1Q==.jpg Adventure Part VI
Complete Chapter VI in the Multiplayer Campaign(Multi Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See "Adventure Part VII" for more information.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/+2fILA==.jpg Adventure Part VII
Complete Chapter VII in the Multiplayer Campaign(Multi Player) - 60http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Complete the Multiplayer campaign to unlock this set of achievements. Despite being called Multiplayer, it can actually be done on your own by starting the game while you are the only person in the room. The amount of enemies are tailored to playing in group though, so it may be quite difficult on your own. Money earned during this portion of the game is what you will use in Village mode.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/+ocwvw==.jpg Ruthless
Win 5 Deathmatches(Multi Player) - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Deathmatch requires 4 people to start, though it is team-based so two people can get a win each round. The more people in the game, the higher the required number of kills to complete, so stick with only four people if you can. To find boosting partners please use this thread (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=71078).

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/+KY5Cg==.jpg Duelist
Win 5 Duels(Multi Player) - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

This is a 1v1 gametype, first to ten kills. To find boosting partners please use this thread (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=71078).

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UP2LT-A=.jpg Gemologist
Win 5 Crystal Capture matches(Multi Player) - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

This is can be done with just 2 people. Run around the map and collect the blue gems, while ignoring the skulls and green gems until the area is clear of blue. Then hit the green gem to turn the skulls into blue gems and collect those. Clearing a section of all gems will award a bonus to make the game go more quickly. You need 150 points to win. To find boosting partners please use this thread (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=71078).

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPxrt2M=.jpg Settler
Build 5 buildings in Village mode(Multi Player) - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

See "Contractor" for more infomation.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UP5KvtY=.jpg Contractor
Build 15 buildings in Village mode(Multi Player) - 20http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Once you have 10,000 auras from the Multiplayer Campaign you can begin your Village. You can build 15 of the cheapest buildings and unlock this fairly quickly. As soon as you have the 10k in the MP campaign, start your Village as it will make money while you're finishing the MP stuff, and even when your system is turned off.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPlQpVU=.jpg Desert Rose
Confront Mirage(Single Player) - 20http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

After doing the quest "Elimination Job" for Basel, you will be approached by Tongue outside. He will tell you about Zask and unlock the "Murders Investigation" (http://guides.gamepressure.com/twoworldsii/guide.asp?ID=10105) quest. Continue following the questline as outlined in the guide, and the achievement will unlock once you complete "The Transaction." It does not matter which ending you choose for the quest, the achievement unlocks either way.

Warning: While doing this questline, make sure you DO NOT exit Reesa's house after teleporting away from the Underground Temple before talking with her again to start the next part of the quest (speaking with Tongue). If you leave before doing so, the house will lock behind you and you will lose out on this achievement as the quest will be stuck until you talk to her (which you can't since you can't get back in her house).

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPxYjn8=.jpg It's Alive!
Wake the army of Golems(Single Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Story related, can not be missed.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UP55h8o=.jpg I See Dead People...
Receive the gift of the Scavengers(Single Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Story related, can not be missed.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UPzBd7A=.jpg Who's Next?
Kill 20 enemies using Death Strike(Single Player) - 20http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

This can only be performed on humanoid type enemies. They also have to be not moving. The island you start on (Alsorna) has alot of Grom you can do this skill on. Sneak up behind them (walk while holding LT) and when the icon appears, press A to assassinate them. Also on the Savannah island, there are alot of Varn encampments that this can be done with.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UP+Zf1k=.jpg Hero For Hire
Complete 10 Bulletin Board Quests(Single Player) - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Complete bulletin board quests. You will get this while working toward the four Guild-related quest achievements. See this thread (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=292643) for locations of the boards and the list of quests.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/669/UP24duw=.jpg Lost
Collect all 4 Lost Runes: Human, Elven, Dwarven and Orcish(Single Player) - 30http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

You get this quest called (The Runestones (http://guides.gamepressure.com/twoworldsii/guide.asp?ID=10086)) from the Orc blacksmith in Alsorna. You can only do one at a time. Fetch the stone he tells you to, return it and repeat until you have all four and the achievement is yours. Can not be completed until you unlock the Swallows area during the main quests of Chapter 2.

03-18-2011, 04:38 AM
Nice guide :D

03-20-2011, 03:30 PM
Oh god fail on my party, i was on the quest before The Desert rose one :P

Nice guide :) Feels odd seeing a B game with a a proper guide

The Pants Party
03-20-2011, 06:46 PM
Hopefully you have an autosave from before the teleportation!

03-27-2011, 06:03 PM
Quick question about LOST

I have currently completed chapter 2 and the human runestone is still a bit out of reach for me, do i have to worry about it missing it or should i expect to catch it soon?
Just wanna be sure seeing as ive gotten most stuff this far, still not done with guilds but i will be soon enough.

The Pants Party
03-27-2011, 07:11 PM
You should be able to get it now. If I remember, that one required that you take a boat from the New Ashos harbor to get to a small island to the east.

xRogue 5x
03-27-2011, 08:04 PM
When exactly does Black Marketeers and unsolicited guests show up on the Hatmandoor board?

Or have I run into the glitch that others have?

The Pants Party
03-27-2011, 09:42 PM
When I got to Hatmandor I grabbed whatever quests were on the board (don't remember the names) and completed them, then proceeded to do every quest available on that board in succession without moving the main story. Were there any quests there at all, or is it blank? If there's nothing showing up you likely hit the glitch. :/

03-28-2011, 08:27 AM
You should be able to get it now. If I remember, that one required that you take a boat from the New Ashos harbor to get to a small island to the east.

Yeap it worked out fine, i was just confused by how i would get there, then i did the boat quest and then it hit me :)

Caves are fubar for me currently, i got 1 save before entering the Vahkmaar castle and thats with 23/25 and i visited every single 1 beside a locked one in the savannah.

I know that entering the castle one will give me 24/25 because on my current save ive entered that one so its fine, just gotta figure out if its the locked one causing problems because like i said ive visited every single fucking cave :(

04-13-2011, 05:24 PM
Thanks very helpful

Sabaku Usagi
04-27-2011, 05:41 PM
I appreciate you putting this guide up, definitely will help me on my achievement path.

05-23-2011, 01:28 AM
It's only a little thing, but your points total for singleplayer is wrong, it's 790 not 805.

Not that it actually makes a difference, i'm just a bit OCD about this sort of thing.

A+ guide though, kudos.

05-24-2011, 06:29 PM
getting the game in a few days. this will be useful thanx

06-17-2011, 09:34 AM
In the achievement description for the 25 dungeons, people wrote there is a counter you can check how many dungeons you visited. I can't seem to find it. Where can I check the progress?

The Pants Party
06-17-2011, 12:47 PM
I don't remember exactly how since it's been a while, but you can hotlink things to your face buttons (I remember mine was B), and if you hotlink something that looks like a piece of paper, it opens a progress screen for a bunch of different actions in the game. Dungeons is one of them.

06-17-2011, 01:09 PM
Thanks, I will try to look some more.

07-10-2011, 05:21 PM
Bang up job as always Pants!
Noticed there were scarcely any info on Village Mode and the little I found was wrong, so wrote up a guide here: http://ellusion-no.blogspot.com/2011/07/gamehelp-two-worlds-2-village-mode.html

If anything, I think these games are getting too easy for you and you should upgrade the difficulty to 4 or 5 =)

MLG=Most Likely Gay
08-10-2011, 08:37 PM
great guide

01-21-2012, 01:00 AM
Awesome Guide!

03-16-2012, 09:53 AM

03-17-2012, 04:56 PM
does anyone have a mod to unlock the pickpochet chievo? no matter what i do the bloody thing just doesnt work, even with a maxed out theif skill and mashing the A button when its lined up fucking thing dont work

Mr Stoat
05-08-2012, 02:27 PM
Thanks for the guide!! Just would like to add that the Pirates dlc added at least another 6 dungeons which counted in my stats in case anyone is still struggling with Fortune and Glory.

06-24-2013, 06:49 AM
easy to follow guide, very nice thanks!

05-14-2015, 12:31 AM
Thanks for the guide. Plat achieved!