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03-21-2011, 02:24 PM
Well i reply to some dude thread and the thread got erase i think, can't find my own message even searching my name with advance feature. Anyway lets get this straight from the start, I AM NOT looking to "boost" achievements. I am looking for peoples that want to play this game the legit way(we try to frag each other, no one let himself get kill).

Of course what i am looking is to get eventually my achievements, but i am a total no booster, i do everything the right way, so thats why im looking for people. I can find people sometimes online but they are usually machines that play this game cause they actually like a lot the multiplayer and i can't even get one single frag sometimes. Of course i don't care about my K/D in this game, its no Gears of War or Halo or COD, but there is no fun of getting kill 12 time without being able to do anything even if you get a devastator... Plus the cheevos dosen't advance.

I am no brute at this game, but with people that play this for the same reason i do i think i can handle myself, so basically we could have fun doing achievements the right way.

I made this thread especially by itself and not in achievement trading because i want real players, not achievements boosting lazy dude that do it the cheating way. This is my opinion, you may not agree on it, but this is not the point of the thread anyway. Thanks

Gamer tag : Destro WOD

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