View Full Version : Stratagy for mastering all the attributes.

03-23-2011, 04:02 PM
Two small 10 point achievements, but seem to take so much time! Aside from having one maxxed when you start the 5th generation automatically, its a pain in the butt to get the others!

I already figured out that light, extra, and the elements arent too hard to get by using Status Up skills constantly for an extended period of time, but does anyone have some tips for the offensive attributes?(general, power, special and darkness)

03-27-2011, 07:45 AM
Alright, I am currently working on this as they are the last three achievements I need to 1000 this game so I will let you know the strategy I am going with

First don't start grinding on this until you finish the extended boundary plane completely on hard mode. Two reasons for doing this: 1) You will naturally be gaining levels in each characters attributes during your way through the boundary plane, plus higher level enemies level up your attack attributes (such as general, power, combo, and dark) faster when used on them (the greater the difference between your level and that of your enemy the faster it goes up); and 2) going through the boundary plane will level you up significantly meaning there will be a greater difference between the level of your characters you are leveling the attributes of and your weakest character (mine happened to be a level 6 Luana). The difference in level is the key here, you want your characters to be lower level than the enemies they attack and much higher than the teammates they use status abilities on.

Now you also want to utilize your characters base stats and abilities into this too. Characters you get later on in the game have higher base attributes meaning less time to grind them out. Also it is easier to level up the attributes with any character that has the "Genius" willpower. Genius cuts the amount of AP needed to perform any action by 1/4 after the character has accumulated more than 150 SP. In my case, Leo, Thoma, and Rex all had Genius so it was easier to level with them as they eventually got to use more abilities per turn.

So for the attack abilities I would fight battles at the end of the boundary plane against Chaos (or any other level 999 enemy) using just the certain abilities for each character you are trying to level, that should make it go the fastest. Kind of a long explanation but hopefully it helped.

I am curious what version of the game are you playing that one attribute maxed out at the beginning of generation 5? I have the NA XBOX version and it didn't happen for me.