View Full Version : US Coast Mission 3 where are ships?

03-27-2011, 04:38 PM
Mission require to capture transport ships durring storm. Biggest problem is I can't find them. At start there is one convoy bearing NW with 3 transport ships, 1 Frigate and annoying sub, then you are getting message that there is another convoy bearing SW with same ships. In both I captured all transports and took down subs and frigates and then I waited for new message, kep checking are around me with binoculars but there aren't any more ships (and I presume from bonus points for destroyed frigates there should be 2 more convoys I think).
I'm I doing sth wrong?
1. Where are others convoys?
2. How many ships are required to capture total? In 1 playthrough I destroyed one trasport but didn't get mission failed info.
Thx for the help.