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JT Fever
03-31-2011, 01:16 AM
Hello All,
Well talk about a game that has caused lots of flaming, i agree with most of it, i picked it up today at local game store for 5 endlish pounds, within 1 night of playing i am on level 5 of 7 and 375 gold.

Yes i am a fan of the show and for a show that developed everything sslloowwllyy, why have they missed chunks of the story, i believe if you did not watch the show the game jumps massive amounts

Why i write this is because of level 3 you meet up with Saywer who says something like, "You have overtaken me as Jacks least fav...", yet all we have seen Saywer do so far is sit on the beach and read a book, Jack must be on his perod. There are lots of others. I cant help think this game could have been deeper and longer, i can hear people groaning now, but you could have taken different sides which in turn would change the barter rates or involved more side quests to show trust.

But despite all this i am loving it so far, as i watched the show i can fill in the blanks ( chasms ) in the plot, i love the music especially the pause screen ( is that not a good reason to by a game, lol ). It looks spectacular in places. The smoke ecounters so far have been cool, the opening scene is a set piece thrill

I would advise no guide needed, i am an older gamer (manic miner on the spectrum ) but not the best gamer, but this game is throwing gold at you none stop. As for the puzzles it seems the fuse boards are prominent.I hope the last few levels take a little longer as along with Aliens versus Predator it may become a guilty pleasure of my 360 days.


03-31-2011, 02:06 AM
I never watched the show (well we watched the first couple of episodes when I was back in school during English one week), but I picked up this game when I first bought my Xbox because it was 4.99 at the time. I hate to say it but it was the worst game I've bought, or at least one of the worst so far. The graphics were good, but the gameplay was downright awful and I only finished this last night after months of leaving it on the shelf.

I guess you can only really appreciate this game if you have seen Lost on TV, otherwise you might actually get lost yourself. Ubisoft tried but didn't deliver in my opinion, it's a very short game but long.. if you get what I mean. Some of the chapters seem to drag as it doesn't really tell you where to go, just hints at what you need to do.

I would say for any puzzle fan or adventurer 5 is a bargain, but some gamers should stay away from this title. I was bored to death lol

12-28-2012, 09:53 AM
I wanted this game, I had it bought for xmas, but seems like its not very good

10-08-2014, 08:50 PM
I got the game today from GAME and it cost me 2.99 and it only took me around 3 hours to get the 1000 achievement points. I'll never play it again but for 2.99 I'm not complaining.