View Full Version : if i only waited 1 more round....

04-01-2011, 06:14 AM
To get my teir 2 ( i think) PING sponsorship I needed to hole out a shot with a ping iron (go fig.. no PING wedges) to get toe ht next teir. I tried holing out, even a 9 iron bump and run...said screw the score and played about 3 rounds just aiming to get the ball on the fringe to try the 9 iron bump and run... Never happened.

Swap to Calloway (pisser no FT-IQ or X22's....yeah.. that's what I have) and I'll be wraped in monkey shit the first par 3 I ace....
I know I prolly wouldn't of done it with the PINGs, but I did irk me a bit.